Monat Product Review

My own Monat Product Review after 6 months of use.

I wanted to write this monat product review to show you that there is hope for your hair. Christmas of 2015, I was very fortunate to receive a great gift from my sister; Monat products-a hair product that actually works.

Monat product reviewI was lucky to get a free hair treatment system, that I have now been using for over two years. I wanted to share my personal story on how this product had restored my hair, because like many of you, I have very fine hair and have not been able to find what worked for me. Until that Christmas.

I love glamouring up for any occasion, meaning I mess with my hair a lot. I dye it, I straighten it, I curl it! You name it, I do it! Also, I wore hair extensions for about 6 years; beaded and clip ins. If you ever wore extensions, you know that although they are very beautiful, they damage your hair after prolonged use.

The Monat Product Review:

So for many years, the search for hair product that works continued, as my frustration grew. My hair was deteriorating fast. I bought the “more expensive” shampoos and masks because I believed “the higher the price, the better the quality”. I stopped wearing extensions, stopped dying my hair for a whole year and even cut back on styling my hair with hot irons. All that did not improve my hair although it did prevent it from getting worse. I desperately needed improvement.

monat product reviewWhen my sister gave me the Monat Hydration SystemRenew Shampoo, the Replenish Masque and the Restore leave in conditioner, well, it did just that-it simply repaired my hair. Although I had only been using the Hydration system for about 6 months then, I could already tell my hair was improving within the first 3 months of use.


First of all I noticed my overall hair quality; it was no longer dry like summer hay. Just within two washes with the Renew Shampoo, I noticed a lot more volume. I also began to notice new growth and new shininess of my hair. It even felt healthier to the touch. Even my husband noticed the softness of my hair.

Within about 2 months I started noticing a lot more hair growth; my hair felt more vibrant and stronger. I also had less fall out with each shower and my hair does not break as much. My hair was growing faster than it has ever grown.

You know that feeling you get when you’ve hydrated your face? That is exactly how my hair felt every time I used Monat products. My hair had so much hydration, it felt as if I deep conditioned it every time.

I had a very oily scalp and I was afraid that with all the oils in the shampoo it would increase my problem. But on the contrary,  within only a few washes, my scalp already seemed less oily and today, it is completely hydrated and not oily at all. Within 6 months, my hair was back to good health. It’s healthiest than it’s ever been.

Why Monat Products work:

In this Monat product review I also want to take time to break down the product itself a bit to show you why this hair product actually works. Monat products are made from natural oils & ingredients. The oils are from all over the world due to how rare they are. More than 13 different oils that help maintain healthy hair & skin are used in Monat products. This product works because of the natural nutrients it contains, including Omega-6 Fatty Acids and Antioxidants. To see a list of all ingredients used click (here).

I love how natural the product is:

We all know that natural ingredients are good for us; that is why we have all tried home remedies for hair, things like raw egg or coconut oil. This is why Monat products is the product to chose. Unlike other leading brands, Monat does not use Parabens which can cause chronic disorders. There are no Sulfates; thats the nasty ingredient that makes your scalp itch like your heads on fire! There are no DEA/MEA ingredients that irritate the skin and eyes and is also linked to chronic disorders. There are no Phthalates which is toxic to the body after long-term exposure.

Monat No’s

Monat product reviewMonat products do not use other nasty ingredients that other brands use such as PEG, Phenoxyethanol, Ethanol, Petrochemicals, Glutens, Sodium Chloride, and Harsh Salt Systems. This hair treatment does not use Harmful Colors which are toxic to skin and scalp or any Harmful Fragrances. Monat products target four major areas of hair health; hair follicle strength, volume, vitality and balance.

You can probably tell from this monat product review that I can not be more happier with the way these products restored and rejuvenated my hair and that is why I became a distributor myself. I would recommend this hair care to everyone. (Stay tuned for more Monat product reviews on different products).

Contact me via the form below for free samples or check out my website (here) to purchase product or learn more about it. You have 30 days to try the product and if you don’t love it, you get all your money back! Guaranteed!

I hope you enjoyed my very first monat product review and that you will also give your hair a chance to be healthy again.

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svetlana inzhirovreply
January 25, 2017 at 10:01 PM

Monat products are truly amazing!!! I couldn’t find anything more that actually brings healthier hair as a result, other than just cleansing.

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