BECCA Jacklyn Hill Champagne Collection Face Palette

Why buy Becca Jacklyn Hill Champagne Collection Face Palette?

Becca Jacklyn Hill Champagne Collection Face PaletteAfter watching Jacklyn’s youtube tutorial on her new palette that she’s created and collaborated with BECCA cosmetics, it wasn’t long before I decided to buy the Becca Jacklyn Hill champagne collection face palette and try it for myself.

Ever feel like your face is just loosing it’s natural luminescence? Almost like it has no color left? Looking in the mirror one day, I noticed that my face was missing it’s “wow” factor. The wow factor is the way a face is lit up in day light or it’s natural shininess and brightness.  Because I was missing my glowing skin, I decided to try this beautiful Becca Jacklyn Hill Champagne Collection Face Palette. All the glow that I’ve been wanting and and was missing was in this one palette. So only after trying it a couple of times, I finally found that perfect mix of color to give my face the glow it missing.

Lets discuss the beautiful packaging!

I could have not come up with a prettier and more elegant packaging for this BECCA Jacklyn Hill Champagne Collection Face Palette. Upon opening the box, the uniqueness of the shape of the palette reminded me of a little elegant clutch. The palette itself is white, silver and gold. It’s glassy white case has silver and gold sparkles on it reminding you of a new years party or a bottle of champagne. It even feels glossy. This palette is elegant and classy.

Looking inside, I was amazed by the mirror and it’s quality. I am use to seeing blurry, fake mirrors in palettes or no mirror at all, but this one was an actual mirror the size of the palette itself. I find it extremely helpful when palettes contain mirrors because you can actually hold the whole palette up close to your face which helps with applying product easier.

The product itself:

The BECCA Jacklyn Hill Champagne Collection Face Palette features five shades; highlighters and blushes. They work beautifully together to create an elegant glow for all skin tones. The five shades allow you to customize that perfect glow for your specific skin color.

Two of the highlighter shades, the Champagne Pop and Prosecco Pop can be mixed together or used separately. The mineral and luminous blushes can also be used together or separately, depending on your desired look. Amaretto and Pamplemouse are the two mineral blushes and Rose Spritz is the luminous blush. Even the names of the blushes are adorable!

Becca Jacklyn Hill Champagne Collection Face PaletteProduct breakdown:

If you are looking for a peachy, cream highlighter or highlighter with a pinch of pink tones in it, then Champagne Pop is the one to go with. If you are a fan of a more “golden glow” look then the Prosecco Pop is your man.


The three blushes are completely different tones and colors. For your evening look I would recommend using the Amaretto blush which is a darker, deeper mauve or matte bronze tone. This one is my personal favorite because my skin is of a darker tone. I feel like this color looks especially extravagant in the evening light and is great for going out to a low lit dinner. I love wearing this color with really dark hair and vibrant colors such as emerald greens and cobalt blues. In my opinion the Amaretto blush is the most elegant.

If you are feeling girly and summery then Pamplemouse is the blush to wear! It is a satin, brighter, coral pink. I wore this color all through the summer with lighter colors and fluffy dresses as this tone makes me feel very girly.

For an everyday look the Rose Splitz is the one to wear. It is a peachy shimmery color that works well with all skin tones and would match any style of clothing and any season.Becca Jacklyn Hill Champagne Collection Face Palette

I love the formulas used in these products because they seem to be very easy to apply. I always recommend using specific tools to apply makeup; they are made to help with applying the makeup correctly. For applying highlighters to your face, use any tapered or fan highlighter brush. For tips on how to apply highlighter and blushes read this post.


Where do I go to buy my Becca Jacklyn Hill Champagne Collection Face Palette:

Becca Jacklyn Hill Champagne Collection Face PaletteThe Becca Jacklyn Hill Champagne Collection Face Palette was a limited time product, and is not sold on the Becca Cosmetics website. When I looked for it on Sephora and Ulta, I could not find it either. Since I can almost always find any product cheaper on amazon, that is where I buy most of my makeup. I bought my Becca Jaclyn Hill Champagne Collection Face Palette for $84-$112 on Amazon. Considering you are getting two highlighters and three blushes which create even more variety if mixed together, this is actually a very good price.

I actually recommend shopping for makeup on Amazon especially if you are a prime member and have free shipping.  Although either Ulta nor Sephora carry the Becca Jacklyn Hill Champagne Collection face palette, they do carry just the Champagne Pop highlighter itself.

Click (here) to get your Becca Jacklyn Hill Champagne collection face palette today.

I hope you enjoyed reading this makeup product review. And I really do hope that you decide to get this for yourself; I don’t think you’ll regret it. But please come back and let me know how it worked out for you! I’d love to read feedback.

(P.S. I am a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for me to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites, but that is not why I love and recommend this product!)


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