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Hello lovely ladies, it is with great pleasure I introduce to you – IPSY.

Ipsy Glam BagIpsy is one of the greatest and cheapest ways to get to test out new makeup products! I have been an Ipsy subscriber for over a year and a half and I really enjoy it.

First of all, it’s like getting a little surprise in the mail just for you. Are you a busy mom and don’t have time to go shop for makeup? Or is your job taking up all of your time? Do you feel as though you never have time for yourself? Or maybe you can’t afford to try new products, fearing you’d waste money on something that might not work?

This is why I subscribed to Ipsy. It is only $10 a month. That is literally way less than what I spend on coffee per month. So if you want to treat yourself to something better and more fun than coffee, try Ipsy.

Here’s why?

Every month I get 5 samples of makeup, skin, hair and nail products. Who can’t use a fresh nail polish, or a mascara every month? These are sample size, but, there’s 5 of them for $10! Each sample lasts me a while and I don’t have to go buy another product if I end up liking it. Once or twice I’ve gotten a full size makeup product. These samples vary from cosmetic lines such as Naked, Smashbox, Tarte and more high end cosmetic lines as well as the recently established and ones that may be within your very budget. These include but are not limited to, Hikari, Iby, Pixi, Luxie and many more.

Creator and Founder of Ipsy:

Michelle Phan, who came up with this wonderful idea of compiling samples to help you find the best product for you, is a makeup artist who inspires women all around the world with her YouTube videos. She has her own makeup line which I am trying out now. Stay tuned and I’ll let you know how it’s going for me. If you want to learn from Michelle how to apply makeup, you can subscribe to her YouTube channel (here).

Here’s how it works.Ipsy Glam Bag Review

You sign up (here) and your card gets charged $10 at the very beginning of each month. If for some reason you don’t have that $10 in the bank, they shoot you an email reminding you that you may be missing out on this months’ glam bag. They are great with communication in that sort. The best thing is that you can choose exactly what sort of products you want in your bag.

Ipsy glam bags are custom fit to you:

You take a little survey when you sign up answering questions such as if you would prefer nail polish or hair product samples? You also enter your skin color, eye color, hair type, and etc, so that the team can pick the right sort of product for you. I usually decline the hair products and masks and lotions. Because I tend to stick to what I already use particularly in hair products and skin products, I am more open to trying out makeup products such as mascara, eye shadows, blushes, etc. When I review the product and say that I didn’t like something, the team works hard to make sure I get items that I actually prefer next time. So, the more you review the products, the more custom your glam bag becomes.

The Ipsy Glam Bag Design:

All the glam bags I’ve received were adorable. Each month it has a different design and comes with a story. I find them very useful; One of the most common ways to use them is organizing drawers. I also use a couple in my purse at all times stuffed with “emergency makeup” and other emergency items. You can use these baggies for whatever you want; heck, you can even store your buttons, a sewing kit or your nail care utensils in them.

Ipsy website:

I absolutely love the website itself; it was so easy to sign up and it is so easy to navigate through it. I’ve tried another glam bag subscription and only canceled because their website was so MUCH! I mean it was crammed with stuff, offers, sales, products, etc. I am better with something more clean, simple and sweet which is what Ipsy is.

Ipsy website offers sneak peaks of your glam bags; you actually get an email letting you know you have early access to see what’s in your bag-which is always exciting if you’re like me. The girls at Ipsy always post videos on how to use each these products you are getting. Their videos are simple and full of useful information and tips.

Perks of signing up with Ipsy Glam Bag:

Once you’ve received your bag and have tried the products, there is an option to review your bag: I highly recommend you do that because you get points for each review. Although I wish that Ipsy would offer using earned points as discount on products I want to purchase, the points go towards a freebie! Which is usually only a sample size product, but hey! You get one more item in your bag! You also get points if you refer a friend! I suggest you collect these points and use them. I didn’t know for the longest time that I could do that and missed out on a lot of great new products. But now I am reviewing each item and getting points!

Offers and Giveaways!

Ipsy always has giveaways going on; multiple at a time. These are ranging from $50-$300 giveaways! Entering is easy; you just repost the giveaway picture and use the required hashtag. But make sure you check the specific instructions for each giveaway. Don’t miss out on this opportunity and sign up with Ipsy (now).

This is where I score big with Ipsy:

Every weekday at 9 am I get an email with Ipsy offers; these are amazing make up products through Ipsy that I get for very cheap. They have up to 50% on those. I actually went ahead and looked up the prices on some and I was buying the same product for as little as $15 for three lipsticks when on line each of those lipsticks was $36. I would say that’s huge! But because they only have a limited amount you have to be the early bird and head over to the website right away as soon as you open that email. If you happen to miss the Ipsy offers, head over to the brand offers.

If you like the product you received, head over to the Brand Offers and buy the same item for a huge discount. All these offers are FREE shipping. You just pay for the product.

Why you should sign up today!

I highly recommend subscribing to Ipsy glam bags especially if you are a new to the makeup world. These samples and the “how-to” videos will help you learn tips and tricks as well as choose the right products for you. It is a great way to get introduced to new products within a budget. Plus, if you ever run into an issue in your finances and can’t continue the subscription, you can cancel at any time and re-subscribe again later if desired. That is definitely what I did when I needed to cancel due to financial issues. It was just as easy to re-subscribe as it was to cancel the subscription.

Interested in another subscription? Read this and be blown away!!

*Disclosure: So far I am not affiliated with Ipsy and don’t gain anything from sharing with you my experience with them.

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