How Monat hair care products restored my hair!

You can save your hair with Monat Hair Care Products.

Let me just start by telling you that ever since I first heard about Monat hair care products, one of my favorite things to do has become googling “Monat hair before and after” pictures. I just sit there staring at these shocking non-altered, non-photoshoped, real people’s amazing results from using Monat hair care products! You may think I’m nuts, but go ahead and take a minute and do that yourself.

Before and After:

Now, if you actually googled some photos, notice that drastic difference between the “before and after” picture on all of these customers who use Monat hair care products. In these photos, you don’t only see hair regrowth, but notice the difference between how dry the hair looks in one photo and how alive and shiny in the second? That is what draws me to these before and after photos. You can’t not notice the shine, the softness as well as the better overall health of hair.

Why I started using Monat hair care products:

Did I have faith in other hair products that could actually save my hair? I may have, but after trying different high end products, nothing like Monat products seemed to work. Monat  actually changed my hair.

After perming my hair a couple of times I found my hair thinning, breaking and becoming so dry ,I did not know what else to use to restore it back to health. The only way out I thought, was buying expensive hair extensions or trying every product on the market to try to bring healthy hair back. The extensions ended up thinning my hair even more. I was giving up.

After about 6 years of torturing my hair, I was introduced to Monat products and from now on I can’t even see myself going to any store buying any other product for my hair other than Monat.

How to use Monat hair care products.

So, this is me telling you what I used, because after seeing these unbelievable results in my own hair, I was eager to sign up and start introducing Monat to all of you who are in the same boat as I was before Monat. I have to share these incredible products with you because I could not be happier with my hair today. Not being embarrassed to let my hair down again is one thing, but running my fingers through my hair and feeling how much healthier it now is, is priceless.

Usually you read an advertisement or a flyer on some product and say “yea…that is all too good to be true” but in this case, you could be really wrong and miss out. This is how I felt at first. I decided to give my hair another chance and I did it with the Hydration System and Rejuveniqe Oil.

How I use the products;

I use the products as advised by my sponsor. I dilute a little bit of shampoo with some water; this helps get a great lather unlike the first time I tried Monat products. I did it all wrong. Because this shampoo is all natural and contains oils, it is very concentrated and is harder to get a good lather. Thus, very wet hair works best to get this naturally based shampoo to get a good lather. Don’t worry about using the shampoo too quickly; the bottle looks small but because it is so concentrated, only a little is necessary for a good wash.

Following, I use a little of the mask at least twice a week. I leave it in my hair for at least 10 minutes to let all the nutrients absorb and soak into my scalp and the cuticles of my hair. The mask leaves your hair feeling soft and clean and you may not even want to bother with the Leave-in Conditioner, but I do and I recommend it. Leaving conditioner in your hair helps to hydrate it.

Apply a little bit of the leave-in conditioner to the ends of your hair before you dry it. Add about two drops of the Rejuveniqe Oil to your palms and run it through your hair and finish off by blow drying or towel drying, which ever you prefer.

Try monat hair care products for yourself.

What else can you ask for in products that is all natural and gives you results? Monat products are naturally based products. Every single oil contained in these products plays a role in hair growth and health. All of that is backed up by clinically proven results.

It’s been an honor to share these products with you. Follow me for more on Monat hair care products, I will keep you posted on new product reviews. Visit my store to get yourself this wonderful hair product. You can also email me if you want to try free samples first!

I am only sharing because this product has worked for me!

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