January Ipsy Bag.

Whats in my IPSY Bag?

Well this months Ipsy Bag was a success! I do have to say that there were a few times I felt like the months’ bag wasn’t all that. Not because the products were bad, but because they did not necessarily fit me. January’s Ipsy bag I’d say was a total success.

I got a mask, a primer, a concealer, blush and an eyeshadow. The combination of all these products was amazing. I mean, getting the whole set was pretty cool. Who needs anything else? These five items are the essentials!

Let’s review each item in my Ipsy Bag:

Pur-Lisse Mud Mask

January Ipsy BagStarting with the Pur-Lisse Blue Lotus Seed mud mask and exfoliant. This mask contains 7 different extracts that are very beneficial to the skin. Blue lotus is an antioxidant that prevents inflammation. The white clay plays a role in tightening the skin and cleans pores. The ginger detoxifies skin and bamboo improves skin texture. The mushroom extract helps to tighten the skin tone and the white tea soothes the skin. The rice bran water improves skin texture as well. This exfoliant is made to brighten, detoxify, tighten and soothe the skin as well as provide gentle exfoliation.

I love it that all these ingredients are natural. I am a strong supporter of natural ingredients in my beauty products. When I know a product has natural ingredients, I know it’s got to be good. The sample is big enough to use it up to 4 times. I have tried it 3 times already and I am thinking of buying it for myself. I really like how it makes my skin feel afterwards, even though I am not a big fan of face masks. Although I should be because exfoliating is really important. You can purchase this product (here). I do think it’s a big pricy ($58) but if you’re into all natural ingredients and your skin needs good care, this is definitely the product to buy.

Manna Kadar Beauty Blush

January Ipsy BagThis paradise blush is very silky, shimmery, in the shade light cherry blossom. I love the fact that it is shimmery but not glittery. I find that often some blushes tend to be too pigmented giving a harsh shine. This one is very delicate. I would wear it to some special event verses using it for an everyday look. Because it is beautiful and delicately shimmery, it’s a blush for going out. It will stand out and give your cheeks a glow verses the matte blushes that don’t really “make a scene”. It is more of an affordable blush. You can get it for around $17-$20 on (Amazon). (P. S. I’ve used this blush as eye shadow too). I’m so glad it came in my Ipsy bag this month; I didn’t know that Manna Kadar took this beautiful blush from the original Dream Palette and created this individual blush.

 iT Cosmetics Bye-Bye Under Eye Illuminator.

January Ipsy BagI’m not sure how but Ipsy guessed right with this concealer color. I myself have a tough time picking out the shade of my concealer, but Ipsy team seem to know me better! This little Anti-Aging concealer is waterproof in the shade “medium”. (I’ve never used a waterproof concealer before).

It’s big thicker than I like; I find that it is harder to work with if it is thick. I would suggest this product to someone that has dark under eye circles or under eye bags. This concealer does not crease or crack. I used it twice and felt that it was a bit too thick. But, concealers have to be thick because they “conceal” unwanted areas. Although this item is not for necessarily for me, the formula used in this concealer is award winning and is clinically proven to make skin look younger! You can buy this concealer (here) for around $32-40 depending on your skin tone.

Temptu Primer

January Ipsy BagI am really happy with this primer. I’ve actually stole a sample from my sister earlier when I ran out of my concealer and I fell in love with it. I’ve switched to Temptu primer ever since. It’s honestly like applying moisturizer on your face; it’s so milky and smooth. My face feels matte after I apply it. It is infused with silica so it absorbs all the excess oils from my very oily face. It’s formula is not a heavy dense formula that prevents the face from breathing. I absolutely love it and that is why I buy it here for $13. I would highly recommend this primer for anyone and especially those of you who have oily skin.

Bahama Mama!

January Ipsy BagCan I just say that The Balm Cosmetics have the cutest presentation and packaging of their makeup?!  Look at this Bronzer! I’ve purchased their products before and all of it is always just adorable. (OK! I’m done). January Ipsy Bag

This bronzer looks like it is a bit pigmented but once you apply it, it is actually as matte as matte gets. I like it. The Balm cosmetics have a beautiful formula that is so easy to apply and is really smooth. I never feel like I have “too much” on with their product line. I love it that it doesn’t have an orange tone to it, so you actually look tan instead of orange. It can be used to contour the face as well as a beautiful matte brown eye shadow. I paid around $20 for a full size product and I got it (here).

Why not try IPSY?

Like I said before, this month’s Ipsy bag was full of amazing samples. I’ve actually been introduced to many awesome cosmetics lines through Ipsy and that is why I recommend it. You can subscribe (here). (And no, I am not getting anything for telling you about Ipsy, although I am affiliated with some of the links above).

January Ipsy Bag

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