How to apply Highlighter and Blush for beginners.

Applying Highlighter and Blush.

Highlighter and blush are applied to intensify any desired area on your face; Highlighter is used to make those cheek bones of yours “pop”. So, if you want to enhance your facial features, apply highlighter to the area and it will stand out. Blush is applied to add color and life to your face.

Where are highlighter and blush applied?

For Highlighter, the cheek bone area is the most common place where highlighter is applied.

Start applying highlighter at the very top of your cheekbones. This will give you a more “sculpted” face. It also gives more of a “lifted” look instead of a “sagging” look. But be careful to not apply highlighter lower than your cheek bones. Highlighter is also applied below the eye brow, down the nose and on the very tip of nose.

Remember that anything you highlight stands out but it also can be used to elongate that feature of your face or make it bigger. For example, if you apply a little down the shaft of your nose, it will appear longer.

If you remember that highlighter is applied in the center of the face, you’ll be dandy.

Highlighter and BlushHighlighter and Blush Tricks:

  • With your pinky, apply a tiny bit to the inner corner of your eyes to look more awake.
  • Apply highlighter to the cupid bow of your lips for a false appearance of a fuller lip.
  • Apply highlighter above the brows to lift brow without them looking too dramatic.


When it comes to applying blush, there is no right or wrong way of doing it. One concept might be right for me but it might be the wrong technique for you. It all depends on your face shape. But there is a universal technique that I’d say works for just about everyone.

The Universal way to apply blush to any face shape.

Start applying blush from hair line at the ear, forward down towards corner of nose (but not all the way to your nose). Start as a straight line and continue on with a circular motion so that you are spreading all of the product already on your face in a smooth circular, upward motion.

Important Blush Tips:Highlighter and Blush

-Avoid bringing the circular motion of applying blush downward. Always apply blush and highlighter in an upward motion.

-Apply blush just a tad bit higher than the actual apples of your cheek. That way you are safe and your blush won’t give off a sagging effect.

-Although some makeup artists say to smile when applying it, I disagree. I recommend smiling only to find your cheek bones but not when applying it. Because the apples of your cheeks lift upward when you smile, you don’t want to apply blush on them when they are lifted. If you do, you’ll find your blushed cheeks sagging or blush will appear too low on your face once you’re done smiling.

-I prefer using a fan brush for applying blush as well as highlighter. You can purchase one for around $18 (here), this is my absolute favorite, Morphe E33 brush. Because the fan brushes are delicate they don’t track a lot of product onto itself; and they are shaped flat and angled making it easier to layout the desired shape. It’s a light feathery brush allowing the product application to be easily maneuvered on the face. I feel like I can direct the product easier with a fan brush. Whereas, the huge blush brushes track so much product onto themselves making it hard to spread. At least that’s my experience with them.

-After you are completely done with applying highlighter and blush as well as contouring your face, get a super clean brush, and ever so slightly blend all of it together. No one should be able to point out where the highlighter and blush starts or ends. They should all be blended together in beautiful harmony!

Applying blush to a square face:

If you have sort of a round or a square face, start applying blush the universal way learned above; bring the blush towards your hairline and towards a little above your brow. By creating this triangular shape from your apples around towards the forehead/brow area, you are creating a different shape of your face. The blush outlines a totally different shape, taking the focus off the round or square shape.

Applying blush to a long face or a heart shaped face:

If you want to hide the length of your face, to widen it, you will need to locate the apples of your cheeks first. Start applying a little bit of blush to the apples first and then bringing it upward with the circular motions, all the way to your hair line.

Highlighter and BlushApplying blush to a round face:

If you need your face to be a little less round, and a bit more longer, start by finding your cheekbones. Locate the hollow space just below the cheekbones and apply blush right in between of the cheekbone and the hollow space. Apply blush in a straight line towards tip of lip and back up towards the hair line, thus elongating your face. Blend upwards just a little bit. This is similar to contouring your face.

Hope you enjoyed reading these tips on how to apply highlighter and blush! Please comment below; I’d love to get some feedback. Also if you are looking for a great highlighter and blush, check this post out on my favorite highlighter and blush palette so far. If you are looking to learn quick and easy ways to apply makeup, you can watch my favorite, highly recommended youtube videos by Yelena Weigandt (here).

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