What I learned from God’s Love Letter to me.

God’s love letter: 

I was struggling in my walk with the Lord until I “received” God’s love letter:

“You are altogether beautiful, my darling; there is no flaw in you”. (Songs of Solomon 4:7)

For the last couple of weeks my husband and I have been feeling spiritually dull. Like we had stopped growing. We are experiencing different hardships; financial as well as just uncertainty about life and which steps to take. But hearing this passage from Songs of Solomon chapters 4 & 5, was like receiving God’s love letter to us in the midst of these struggles. In it, He drew us back to Him…Here’s what it said:

God’s love for me will never change; There’s nothing I can do to make Him love me less. 

“Come with me…..come with me…” (Songs of Solomon 4:8)

God wants to retreat with me!!??

Reading this verse made me wonder why such a great God would like to be alone with me? I have been so busy lately running my husbands’ business, working full time, taking care of our house and my family, blogging and just making it all work. Even in my ministry I had become very busy! My prayer life has become – “noisy”. It’s all “Lord bless us, Lord help us, Lord would you please take care of this, Lord give me this and that.”


As we studied God’s love letter together, my husband and I began to realize that we had slipped into our “life” and have forgotten to “commune with Jesus”. What a painful conviction that was! But what a blessing it was…The Lord chose our struggles to reveal that to us!

I found in God’s love letter, that He wants to protect me from danger.

“descend from the lions’ dens and the mountain haunts of leopards”. (Songs of S 4:8).

God's LoveGod’s love is so great towards me that He gently calls me out of dangerous places. Often I put myself in situations where I am prone to sin; where I am prone to forget about God. I sometimes don’t know my own weaknesses. But He, as a gentle Father calls out to me, as if I was a child standing on a cliff clueless that I’m about to fall off.

As my husband and I struggled through some things, I naturally began to think, “maybe we are being punished for something?” Oh…If I would just learn to see God as a loving Father instead of an angry Judge! God’s love toward me is not of a “Judge wanting to punish me for making a bad choice”; it is of a “loving Father, trying to protect from making that mistake”.

He is calling me out of this “dangerous place”, this “vanity of life”, onto Himself; to retreat and spend time with Him, alone. I am realizing now that maybe because I have no time to retreat and be alone with my Father, I have been feeling so uneasy and stressed? Isn’t He such a loving Father, to gently call me out of this busy life and show me through these hardships that I have been neglecting spending time with Him?

God’s heart beats faster just from one glance from me!!!

You have stolen my heart, my sister, my bride; you have stolen my heart with one glance of your eyes”  (Songs of Solomon 4:9)


Isn’t that incredible??

Even though my husband and I are constantly together, (literally 24/7 due to the type of work we do), we still miss each other throughout the day! We long for each other. After reading God’s love letter, we realized that this is because we are only physically together when we work; we are not actually spiritually, emotionally or mentally connected at the time. Each of us is busy doing separate things even though we are in the same room together. We often have to stop what we are doing and just sit together; Take the time to look at each other, really see one another, talk, say a kind word, get a few hugs and kisses in and then continue doing what we were doing.


It is the SAME with our Lord. God’s love for me makes Him long for me; to be connected with me. He says that His heart beats faster even from one glance from me. What kind of love that must be?! We’ve been married for a little over 9 years and I still get an overwhelming feeling in my tummy when I see my hubby glance up at me, especially if we are in a crowd. His smile twists my tummy because he is my beloved. Same is with our God.


God’s love for me draws me to commune with Him.

I am learning that my presence is very important to God. I had to come to believe that He doesn’t just tolerate me; He actually wants to spend time with me. I often feel very insecure around certain people, which makes me question if I am worthy to be received by them, let alone be received by God Himself? But with God it’s different. He wants to receive me. Regardless of how far I’ve fallen.

My husband and I can be together for hours and just enjoy each other with out speaking a word. That is how you know you love someone; you can just “be” together. Same is with our God. It doesn’t always have to be me speaking and asking Him to help me. Why can’t I just “be” with Him? In His presence and He in mine?

Now I know that He desires my fellowship. He just wants my presence. He wants to sit with me and commune with me.


What a blessing it is realizing that God’s love for me is so grand; that the King of Kings desires me and longs for me to stop what I am doing and just glance at Him!

He wants to commune with you. He longs for your presence today. My prayer is that if your life is full of noise and vanity, that you would realize how blessed you are that in God’s love, He waits for you, longs for you and wants to protect you from the dangers of life that we tend to put ourselves in, by neglecting Him and becoming busybodies.

Commune with Him and you will experience blessings.

If you are stressed or experiencing hardships, may it be because the loving Father is drawing your attention to Him?

Please comment below and let me know what your quiet time looks like with the Lord? We all can use come encouragement and motivation, as we share God’s love towards us.

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