Monat Junior Line

Natural Baby Shampoo with Monat Junior Line

Tired of products giving your children rashes? The new Monat Junior Line has all the products for you babies that you’ve been looking for!

To all the frustrated moms out there looking for a natural, paraben & sulfate free as well as harmful fragrance free shampoo that is gentle on your child, it is finally here!

Introducing the Monat Junior Line shampoo, conditioner and detangler for babies and toddlers, as well as children.

Monat Junior LineCaring for your babies is your number one priority I know. As it should be! And I know how frustrated a mama bear can get when her cubs are not well cared for or are suffering. Therefore, we want to use the best product there is for our babies.

Because infant and small children’s skin is sensitive and fragile, we take extra caution choosing the next product. Thus, I want to invite you to try out the new Monat Junior Line of products.

My own experience with the Monat Junior Line.

The Monat Junior Line has been in my family for some months now and since I don’t have any children, I got it for my nephews because he always had a rashy scalp. Even though he is barely one, he already had some bad experience with other shampoos that claimed they were “natural”. I am not going to say names. But, we’ve all ran into harsh product that irritates the babies scalp or even worse, brings out a new rash that you don’t need.

First of all, the product smells amazing. Such a soft gentle smell that reminds me of fresh linen or Fabreeze.

Monat Junior Line is safe!

Monat Junior LineIt has been tested by dermatologists and ophthalmologists on humans not animals. It is tear free as well as paraben and sulfate free. All Monat products as well as the Monat Junior Line have no Phthalates, no PEG, no Harmful Fragrances, no Harsh Salt Systems, no DEA/MEA, no Harmful colors, and as I’ve mentioned before, no Sulfates or parabens. And although you should always use any product at your own risk, and although Monat guarantees safety of this product for ages 1-9, I have used it on my nephew who is only 3 months with no problems or irritations.

Monat Junior Line actually works!

Rejuveniqe OilI know this for sure because we have been so sad watching my nephews scalp turn into a horrible rash. His poor mother didn’t know what to do. I hated watching her dodge rude comments about her not being able to care for her son’s skin. I for a fact know that she had used other “natural” product shampoos on his poor little head, with no success. When she began using it on both her babies, we saw results as early as two days. It not only not gave him more rashes, it actually made his scalp better. She continued using it was clear of any rash or redness.

If you are done with trying out products that fail and done with wasting your money, I highly recommend the Monat Junior Line. Results are guaranteed because I know myself they work-I’ve seen it myself. You can Order yours now and see the gentle difference; you wont regret it. This children line has been proven to heal even the toughest skin irritations such as eczema.

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