Amazing Eyelash Growth Serum- Start seeing results in as little as 10 days!

The Eye Wonder Serum from Monat. Enhancing Brow & Lash Growth.

If you have very short eyelashes and have always wished for some magical wand to make your eyelashes longer, your wish has come true! The Eye Wonder Serum is here.

Eye Wonder SerumMonat has come out with that exact wand! An incredible, high-performance brow and eyelash growth serum that is proven to grow your lashes and brows fast. I mean start seeing results real fast. As in a week or so-fast.

How the Eye Wonder Serum works:

A couple of my friends have it and oh my!!! The difference in just 10 days is insane. I’ve seen a growth difference in just a week or so myself. This product is the “next best thing” that will ever come out. When the Eye Wonder brow and Eyelash growth serum first came out (just for the VIP members and Monat distributors to try out at first), it was sold out in one day! That is how incredible it is. Those of us who have had the opportunity to preorder this Eye Wonder serum by Monat, are already seeing results and it has not even been a month yet since the products been out!

Lets face it; the struggle is real! We all want longer lashes!

How I ruined my lashes:

Eye Wonder SerumI constantly wear false eyelashes because my lashes are not as long as I want them to be. Even my husband’s lashes are longer than mine which is so unfair! I have tried many different mascaras that claim to give a false eyelash look or claim to make your lashes longer, and so far nothing has worked. The only way I was able to achieve longer lashes is by layering a thousand layers of mascara on them. And even then, they turn out to be bulky, not longer. After trying eyelash extensions, I have completely ruined and ripped out all of my lashes. I’ve even tried putting coconut oil on them learning from a friend that it should help.

Do you have the same struggle? Do you have to have to wear falsies? Are you constantly trying out new mascaras and looking for that perfect 3D Mascara to make your lashes longer? Are you layering pounds of mascara to achieve that “long lash” effect? You don’t have to any longer. The eye wander is here to save the day!

Ingredients & why it works:

Eye Wonder SerumThis wonderful Eye Wonder Brow and eyelash growth serum is made from ingredients such as Capixyl, which helps increase the strength and condition of hair follicles in brows and lashes as well. It also contains Fision KeraVeg18, which is a vegetable based alternative to animal keratin. It helps with strengthening and improving the luster of lashes and brows.

The Eye Wonder Serum is for brows too!

This  serum also helps to grow thicker brows! This was a life savior for me, for real. Back when I was 15 years old, when I first plucked my eye brows, I plucked out way too much and ever since, I can not for the life of me, grow the brow hairs back in some places. If only our brow hair grew as fast as our hair where it’s not wanted!

My brows would not grow where I wanted them to. I’ve been waiting and waiting for them to come in so that I can finally reshape my brows. But no luck. All these years, up until I was introduced to the eyelash growth serum, I had to fill in my brows, a lot.

This serum is wonderful because it not only grows longer lashes, it helps with growth of brows. I am now able to have beautiful, thicker brows and I use a lot less of brow pencils, which get expensive.

How I use the Eye Wonder serum:

Applying the eyelash growth serum to lashes:

Eye Wonder SerumWhat I like to do is apply a very thin layer in the morning before I put my makeup on, and in the evening, right after I do my face care routine. Make sure you are applying the serum to both, upper and lower lash lines. Also make sure you are not wearing makeup when you put the serum on. You want your skin to be able to really absorb it. .

You should start seeing results of this miracle eyelash growth serum in about a week or so.

Applying the serum to brows:

I apply the serum twice a day just like to my lashes; on a makeup free face, using upward diagonal stoke motions. Use your fingers to massage it into the brows and to help absorb the excess product. I recommend that you use it also for 28 consecutive days at least. Even if you start to see result in a week or so, don’t discontinue use. Treat it as it were a 28 day antibiotic treatment. Let the ingredients of the product really “doctor” your brows and lashes. Make sure you do not apply any lotions or makeup to face and eyes for about 10 minutes after you use the serum.

Order today because it sells fast!

Like I’ve mentioned before, this product is the hottest product on the marker right now and it sold out in a day! Order yours today and stop worrying about trying to make your lashes longer and brows thicker. Let science do that for you!

You can email me with any questions below and you can order the eyelash growth serum here. Remember, act fast!

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