4 Steps to Healthy Hair

Healthy Hair starts with commitment:

If you are reading this post, you are probably not too happy with your hair. You want healthy hair again. By now you’ve probably tried everything and have not had any results. Healthy hair is a decision, first and foremost.


How does our healthy hair become unhealthy?

The torture we put our healthy hair through is unforgivable!

It is not hard to ruin healthy hair. There are many ways to do so. Putting too much heat on your hair such as hot irons, using a blow dryer, or exposing hair to extreme heat, or dry weather.

I noticed my hair got very dry after prolonged tanning. I tanned for a couple years and my hair was definitely affected by that. Not conditioning hair enough can also contribute to unhealthy hair. Constantly and consistently dying, perming or bleaching hair is a killer!

Do you remember your hair before you started dying it and bleaching it? How soft it felt and how gentle and shiny it was? Yah, pretty ridiculous ay? We expose it to such chemicals and heat and expect it to remain healthy?

Wearing extensions, any kind is a murderer as well. Beaded extensions were definitely the death of my long, beautiful hair. Teasing hair is not a good idea also if you’re trying to have keep healthy hair.

So what do you do? I will give you some tips, and although these tips are pretty obvious, I find that people struggle more with commitment in this area.


My Hair Rehab:

                                  1. Literally, commit to a “No heat, No Dye” hair-diet.


If you want bad hair to be healthy hair once again, you MUST stop using any and all heat. Yes, this means no curling your hair, not straightening it, no blow drying it. Put away all of your hair tools in a box and hide it in your closet! They are not your friends right now.

I am not saying stop for ever. Give your hair a break! Stop doing all that for a year or so. If you can’t go a year, do 6 months. Give your hair time to recuperate, to rejuvenate, to breath.

But you have to commit. I know It’s hard to stop “doing your hair”. It was hard for me to stop curling it because that was my favorite way to wear my hair.. But, because my hair got so damaged, I went as far as stopping wearing extensions and dying my hair. I saw so much improvement in as little as a couple months.

I literally wore a pony tail with two different color hair a year. When it grew out and new hairs began to show root, I got a neat hair cut that was easy to style and just wore it down a lot.

I stayed away from all heat, any dyes and did not torture my hair with any “elaborate hair styles”. I literally took it easy. It’s like my hair “went on vacation”.

You might say “what will I look like during this time of hair-vacation?” and I understand your concern, as I myself looked only half decent most of the time… but seriously, for the life of your hair, you have to do this. At least for a little while. Stop dying your hair, and stop highlighting it or bleaching it; stop all chemical treatment of your hair.

2. Take care of your hair if you want healthy hair.

         A: Hydrate your hair!

Healthy HairAlways remember to condition and deep condition hair. The money that you’ve been spending on highlights, extensions and dyes, spend that money on a good deep conditioning treatment. Go to a salon and get it deep conditioned once in a while. Always use conditioner. When you’re out in the sun or harsh weather, don’t forget a leave in conditioner.

 B: Stay away from harmful product that claim to be good products.

What also helped me is not using hair products like hair spray and dry shampoos. I know hair spray is a necessity, but while your hair is on “vacation” or on that “hair diet” we spoke earlier about, hair spray can just kick rocks for a while. Dry shampoo-well that stuff’s just gross. What it does is just clogs your pores and makes your scalp greasy anyways, so lay off.


Remember it’s about giving your hair a break.  I am also a strong hater of “heat sprays”. Seriously those are horrible for your hair. Do your research. Ask your hairdresser, if she knows what she’s talking about, she’ll tell you that’s stuff is just as bad as putting hair spray on a strand of hair before you curl it.


Healthy HairBut, if you absolutely have to use these products, don’t go cheap. Restoring your hair back to healthy hair will cost you something, that’s no secret. But the cheaper you go on the product the worse your hair will get.

I personally use and recommend “The Refinish Control Hair Spray”, if you’re in need of a sleek style that’ll stay put, use this hair spray. It’s infused with Rejuveniqe Oil Intensive and a treasure trove of lock-loving ingredients, it offers texture, volume, and natural shine – all without any sticky residue or build-up. It’s humidity resistant, so your look will last even during those summer scorchers. If you need volume, I recommend the  “Blow Out Cream”. It adds lasting volume because it doesn’t weigh the hair down. It contains Dermafeel Sensolv, which is a natural silicone alternative that is 100% natural in origin. Say bye-bye to product build-up. Blow Out Cream also reduces styling time and conceals the signs of damage.

3. Invest in good products if you want healthy hair.

Like I’ve mentioned before, the money you spent on dying and coloring your hair, invest that money in quality and/or natural product. Find what works for you and use it. Continuously. Don’t switch between shampoos every time you shower. Good shampoos that are made to restore your hair such as the Monat renew shampoo, need time to doctor your hair, so stick to one. My recommendations, the more natural the better. Monat is a high end product that only makes all natural stuff, so I highly recommend it.


Healthy HairInvest in a good mask. My favorite mask that has helped my hair tremendously is the Replenish Mask by Monat.  I absolutely love it.

Invest in a good conditioner and leave in conditioner: I personally love this conditioner or for very humid, dry days, I recommend this leave in conditioner. It not only moisturizes my hair, it keeps it moisturized throughout the day, makes it shiny and brings out the natural keratin of my hair color.


4. Use Oils therapy for your hair.

Healthy HairOils penetrate deeply into your scalp and hydrate & repair hair roots and hair follicles.

Oil therapy for hair is the best therapy. I would recommend oils above masks. There are a lot of oils that are good for the hair. Imagine the intensifying effect of many oils in one serum. Rejuveniqe Oil Intense Therapy is one of the best that I’ve tried so far. It contains many different oils that are very therapeutic for hair. It makes my hair feel like healthy hair again, right after I do the treatment.


Have healthy hair once again!

If you commit to these 4 things, you will have healthy hair within a year or less. Guaranteed.

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