Review of the Intense Repair Treatment Conditioner by Monat

Intense Repair Treatment Conditioner; The Top Seller!


Take on your intense hair challenges with this Intense Repair Treatment Conditioner by Monat.


My own experience with this hair conditioner:


Intense Repair TreatmentEver since this new product came out it has been the best seller. People are raving about it. The Intense Repair Treatment conditioner is a rich conditioner that stimulates the scalp and boosts the hair growth.


It feels like deep conditioning:


I often skipped using conditioner altogether; that was when I was not taking care of my hair very well. I felt like the conditioner that I had purchased was hard to wash out. So I just skipped it. But I knew my hair was missing something. When I first started using the Monat IRT conditioner, I felt as if my hair was finally getting all the moisturizing it was needing. It was the missing link in my road to hair health. After a while, I honestly believe it began to revive my hair; it no longer looked dry. It is so soft, and actually cut my drying time in half! I was getting the same effect (with every shower) that I got after getting my hair deep conditioned at a salon.


What is the Intense Repair Treatment Conditioner made from?


Why it works:


Intense Repair Treatment ConditionerIt is infused with the oil treatment called Rejuveniqe, which contains many different oils to restore and rejuvenate your hair back to health. Now, the Rejuveniqe system is an entirely separate intense treatment serum made up of incredibly rare oils collected from all over the world. These oils are combined together to intensify the effect of restoring and doctoring hair.


Imagine a natural conditioner infused with those exact oils? That is exactly why the Intense Repair Treatment Conditioner works.


It is also infused with Capixyl, which provides intense protection for scalp health. It’s a unique complex designed to prevent and stop hair loss.


The other key ingredients are peppermint oil and rosemary oil. Peppermint oil has been known to prevent hair loss. Rosemary is a vital oil that helps stimulate hair growth.

So, what you’re really getting is a conditioner made of natural ingredients that not only deep conditions your hair, but also prevents hair loss and stimulates hair growth. Sounds like a life-savior-in-a-bottle!


What are people saying about this hair conditioner?

People that have used this Intense Repair Treatment conditioner are saying that they saw a dramatic increase in shine. I have personally noticed a huge difference in how shiny and glossy looking my hair has become. It almost feels like my hair color changed; except it only became more vibrant. People are also saying they noticed a decrease in hair breakage and that they’ve actually noticed an increase in hair growth.

I noticed even though it is infused with different oils, it’s formula is very light. It washes out very easily. It also left my hair detangled and easy to brush through.


How to use the Intense Repair Treatment Conditioner?


Intense Repair Treatment ConditionerThis is not a leave in conditioner. So, you want to rub a quarter size amount between your hands and apply to hair, the whole length of hair. You should also massage it into your scalp. Leave it in for about 5-10 minutes, frequently massaging your head. And then rinse it out.


I have not yet found a conditioner that so deeply moisturizes as well as has so many beneficial factors until I found Monat’s IRT conditioner.


To get yours today, go here and give your hair a long overdue deep conditioning treatment every time you shower! Your hair deserves it!

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