Review of the Manizer Sisters Palette by Balm Cosmetics

 The Manizer Sisters Palette; A perfect little highlight, contour & blush in one.

I am crazy about highlighters and contours; I always wear them, at all times. The problem is, all of  my highlighter and contour palettes are huge. I couldn’t carry them with me at all times in my makeup bag. When I found this Manizer Sisters Palette by Balm Cosmetics, I thought “problem solved”.


Manizer Sisters PaletteIt is not only small enough to carry, it is more than just a highlighter and contour palette. It can also be used as eye shadows too. It’s perfect for travel.


The Benefits:


The Manizer Sisters Palette contains three triple-milled, pigmented, milti-tasking highlighters, shimmers and shadows. Wow! That was a mouthful!


Manizer SistersThis palette is oil free, cruelty free, talc free and paraben free, as well as non comedogenic. It can be used as highlight, bronzer, & eye shadows.


The Balm Cosmetics:


Manizer Sisters PaletteTheir formulas are amazing. I love how cute their packaging is as well. All of their product that I have bought so far is multi-use! I also love how pigmented the products are; but at the same time, how gently pigmented. The formula they use for shimmer is so delicate, you don’t see chunks of glitter.  They are a high quality, professional, easy to use cosmetics line and  very importantly- affordable.


The Manizer Sisters Palette only cost me $26 when a highlighter by itself would cost over $35 at least.


The highly pigmented manizer sisters palette lasts longer even though it is small. Due to the pigment in the product, you don’t have to use a ton. Applying just a tiny bit already gives a good glow.


How I use it:


When I first tried the manizer sisters, it reminded me of summer. The lightness and delicateness of the product doesn’t make you feel like you’re wearing heavy makeup. Thus, in the summer time, I can use it consistently without having to look for a lighter makeup product. Especially with a little tan on, it makes you look like a sun goddess! Although I use it all year round, it is important to me that it is a light-weight product!


Breakdown:Manizer Sisters Palette


The Mary-Lou Manizer:

A perfect highlighter. I seriously use it everyday. It’s my easy-go-to highlighter. I actually owe the individual Mary-Lou highlighter and have been very happy with it’s light-weight formula and delicate pigment. It’s not a gold highlighter which I like because it gives a more natural glow instead of a gold glow.


The Cindy-Lou Manizer:


A very light blush that brightens the face and eyes if used as shadows.  I love how the blush matches the bronzer. It’s like they are meant for each other. Although I like my blushes to stand out a bit more than this blush does, I use it a lot to tone down my favorite blush that is a bit too harsh, especially now that I don’t tan much.


The Betty-Lou Manizer:


A perfect bronzer and contour that will not make the face look too sculpted. I use Betty to enhance my face and brighten it up. Like I’ve mentioned before it’s such a light formula that instead of making your face look like you’re wearing way too much makeup, this bronzer helps with just slightly enhancing your features. Which is what I love about makeup. Of course unless you need dramatic contour, you would use more of the product as with all makeup. I’m a bit on the “tan” side, and even though this color is not my skin color, it matches my skin amazingly. I was blown away how beautiful it looked.


Why you should buy specifically this palette:


Manizer SistersIt’s like with this manizer sisters palette, I don’t have to be afraid of “wearing too much”. I would highly recommend this product especially if you’re a beginner, this would be a perfect palette for you. I actually get comments on how fresh and healthy my skin looks when I wear this palette.


I would recommend buying the palette instead of looking for individual highlighters, contours, blushes or bronzers. This way you have it all and you’re saving money. It is very affordable compared to other high end makeup products. You can purchase this palette here.


Tip: when buying a palette, the products are more guaranteed to match each other. First of all because they are all made by the same makeup line and the same formula. Also because the three are made to compliment and enhance one another. You’ll have more luck getting a smooth transition between your highlight, bronzer and blush. It will be easier to blend all together.


Manizer SistersI hope you enjoyed my review. Please comment below if you’ve purchased this Manizer Sisters Palette or plan on doing so.

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