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The EM Michelle Phan, Affordable Eye Shadow Palette

I have been trying to budget for makeup lately because buying the high end product has gotten to be a bit pricy. I know we’re all looking to get a great deal, especially on beauty products. I had found a simple, affordable eye shadow palette that I like for my everyday simple look. This way I lay off my high-end makeup palettes for special occasions.

If I was to compare this EM palette it to any other brand, it would compare to a drug store makeup palette, except it is a newer makeup line and a the quality is a somewhat better than a drug store palette.

The Life Palette:

Affordable Eye Shadow PaletteThis affordable eye shadow palette allows you to create a variety of soft, subtle, natural and neutral looks. It contains 36 neutral shades or earth tones for eyes, soft pinks for cheeks and mauves and pinks for lips. These colors are easy to wear for everyday looks.

Each palette has four different looks. It comes with 5 more colors of your choice, to switch out once you run out of the 4 looks. So you are actually getting 5 looks for about $26. It also includes a double-ended shadow applicator and a pick to help interchange shadows. It includes a how-to-recipe card which can come in handy if you’re a beginner.

Affordable Eye Shadow Palette breakdown:

The 4 looks are:

Girls Day Out:

Affordable Eye Shadow paletteThis look includes elegant neutral tones of toupes and roses. I use this look for more of an evening look.

Coffee Break Shades:

Affordable Eye Shadow PaletteThis look includes café, chocolate and gold tones. I absolutely love browns for my eyes because they enhance my natural eye color. So this one is my favorite, I use it the most.

Weekend Brunch Shades:

Affordable Eye Shadow PaletteThis look includes soft browns, pinks and peaches. This look gives off a relaxed look. I wore this look to the beach the whole time I was in Hawaii, and it was perfect; not too much and not too little so I didn’t look sleepy or tired.

Day Dream Shades

Affordable Eye Shadow PaletteThis is the most delicate, dreamy look of soft greys, pinks and lavenders.

None of these looks in this adorable, affordable eye shadow palette are too harsh or too pigmented. They are all matte and are very delicate, neutral colors. So if you are looking for a dramatic look, this is not for you.

Who should buy this palette?

Eye Shadow PaletteI bought this palette because I wanted to try out Michelles new line, because it was affordable. She is a Youtube makeup artist and began her line as a startup-style brand from the L’Oréal USA Luxe group. Michelle was also a founder and creator of Ipsy. You can read about why I choose to use Ipsy here. I purchased this palette through Ipsy because I get free shipping there, but for the same price you can get it here. I am trying out a couple of her other products and would recommend this specific palette to anyone who is starting out with makeup. I would also recommend it to older women who do not wear lots of makeup. I also recommend this palette to anyone who is not as comfortable with being very dramatic with makeup.

Overall this affordable eye shadow palette by EM cosmetics was good, better quality at least than the drug store shadows. I like that it is easy to apply, although it does take a few applications to get the color to show. I like that there are so many colors and looks to play with and that that shades can be used for lips and cheeks. The packaging itself was adorable, but I wish it would have been a bit less bulky so that storing it would have been easier.

Tips on how I use this palette:

Eye Shadow PaletteI purchased a magnetic Z palette and separated the colors I use most or love most into my very own Z palette. It is smaller and easier to use. I can always go back and grab a different color if I run out. The smaller palette solves the problem of not being able to carry it with me or store it neatly.

I have also separated the lip gloss colors from the shadows. I not only did that with this palette but do with any palette that does have shadows with the ingredient Talc in them. Because I hear that talc is not good to be breathing in.

You can get this affordable eye shadow palette here.

Please let me know how it goes for you. I always like to know what others thought about the products I purchase and review.

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March 17, 2017 at 02:03 AM

Never heard of this palette…thanks for sharing!

March 17, 2017 at 03:03 AM
– In reply to: Yelena

I recently gave one away as a giveaway on Instagram. The same one. I spoke to the gal that won the giveaway and she likes it 🙂

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