March Ipsy Bag Review

This month’s Ipsy Bag was perfect! March Ipsy Bag Review

 Ipsy Bag Product Reviews:


Elizabeth Mott Blending Brush.


March Ipsy Bag ReviewI was missing my blending blush for a while now and had not gotten to buying one. With the March ipsy bag I received this cute little blending blush by Elizabeth Mott. I am a big fan of Elizabeth Mott’s cosmetics line and use a ton of their products; first of all because they are affordable and second, because everything I buy from her seems to work. I love the tiffany blue color  of this blending brush with the rose-gold top. It’s adorable. It buffed and blended my most pigmented shadows perfectly. (That is how I test the quality of a brush-it’s ability to blend the highly pigmented shadows well). This brush is vegan, cruelty free and is made from synthetic fibers. This brush is a must have. It’s decently priced and you can get one here.


The Air Repair Complexion-Boosting Moisturizer.


March Ipsy Bag ReviewI actually own this moisturizer. I had to buy it because after living through North Dakota’s harsh winters, my hands would get really dry and cracked until they bled. It was painful and nothing I used worked. A friend recommended this moisturizer and I only bought it once and I will say it did the job. Although it has a very strong fragrance, it smells amazing. It is rich in humectants and anti-oxidants. Hand are absolutely hydrated and soft after using it. And I liked it because it was very gentle on my sore hands. Get this moisturizer if you’re hands need extreme doctoring. It is about $20, and it’s worth the money if you need extreme moisturizing.


OFRA Cosmetics Peach Blush


March Ipsy ReviewOk. So. OFRA’s got to be one of my most favorite powder formulas. Their powders are so soft and delicate! And although this peach color is a bit fair for me because my face is a bit tan right now, it is a beautiful delicate blush. This would be a perfect blush to tone down a darker blush when you’ve overdone it. Or this is a perfect blush for someone who has a very fair, light skin. I actually am using this blush as a highlighter. After swatching it on my skin, I realized it would work better as a highlighter on my skin. It’s very glowy; the pretty, glossy kind of glowy. If you are looking for an affordable powder cosmetics, I highly recommend OFRA. (I am not sure why when I went to OFRA’s website I could not find this blush on there.)


City Color Photo Chic Dark Spot Corrector


March Ipsy Bag ReviewThis concealer is pretty neat. It matched my darker skin tone and right off the bat, concealed a red spot on my nose. It did the job it claims to do; my nose got burned in Hawaii on one side (awkward). I tried my regular cover-up and concealer and it was too light to do the job. This concealer actually covered the red spot. It is very gooey and does not feel like a concealer. It feels lighter. I would say that it is an affordable, good alternative to drug store concealer. I would recommend it to someone who does not have oily skin. Because it is gooey, oily skin wouldn’t pair good with it. If you have very dry skin, this concealer is perfect for you. You can purchase it for about $5 here.


Tarte Lip Paint in shade Delish.


March Ipsy Bag ReviewI love Tarte Cosmetics; their products are amazing. The whole cosmetics line is a high-end beautiful line. I love this shade-it reminds me of my wedding colors; it’s a dark mauve, or a dusty rose color which matches any look and is very elegant. It dries very quickly and it stays on for ever!! Seven hours through the day I still had some on! I just had to do a touch up. It’s like a liquid lipstick. I tried it for a dinner party and after eating a meal and when I went into the lady’s room, my lips still had color on them. It is hard to find a gloss whose color still remains after the gloss itself is gone. This shade in particular is the priciest one but is so worth the money! The cheapest I found it was for $35 here so I would recommend maybe buying the set which includes 8 half size glosses for $37 instead of just one for $35. The set includes the shade Delish but is limited edition so get one soon!

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