What is Boxy Charm?

Let me introduce you to Boxy Charm!

After being an Ipsy subscriber for over two years, I have decided to venture out and try another subscription. My friend, Yelena, who is a makeup artist, (go watch her YouTube videos) recommended Boxy Charm. And I am so glad she did!


Boxy Charm Review: Boxy Charm


So what is it, and how does it work?


Well Charmer, it is yet another monthly makeup samples’ subscription. Except, unlike Ipsy, whom I still dearly love, Boxy Charm sends full size samples. Yes, you heard me. FULL size samples, instead of the tiny bity samples. But, this is why it is $21/month instead of $10 like with Ipsy and BirchBox.


Why I prefer Boxy Charm?


Boxy CharmIt is so worth the money! Each box contains full size samples that equal to at least $100. No joke. I’ve actually received two boxes already and the first thing I did, was go online and find the same exact product and compare the prices and totaled up the value of each box.


My first Boxy Charm box totaled $109 in products and my second one was $149!!! That is unreal. But true. I was shocked.I have gotten high end makeup products such as Makeup Geek, Tarte, Urban Decay, Smash Box and more. They not only send makeup products, but also skin care and beauty tools such as a Z palettes & makeup brushes.


The packaging of Boxy Charm.


Boxy CharmIt comes in a very thick cardboard box, that is black which in my eyes is very elegant. It’s got shredded black packing confetti which is adorable, elegant and keeps the items from shifting and breaking. Each box contains discount cards for items, recipe cards or instruction cards and a card that explains every item, gives a website where you can purchase the product.


How easy is it to become a Boxy Charm Subscriber?


You can go here and subscribe through the very easy form. Your card will be charged $21 every month unless you want to order three months in advance and pay $59, which comes out to only $19.66 a month. They also have 6 and 12 months in advance. If you’re paying for 6 months-$116 or $19.33 a month. And if you’re paying for 12 months in a advance ($231) you’re saving money and paying for 11 boxes but getting 12.


Boxy CharmThe website  is easy to maneuver as well. You can shop, earn “charm points” and read reviews of products and review products yourself. There is an option to participate in promotions and giveaways. When you refer friends to Boxy Charm, you get points, and every 100 points is $1 that you can use towards future makeup purchases.


Whats not to like about Boxy Charm?


The only thing I do not like, (and not only about this subscription but about all makeup subscriptions), is that I can’t chose what product I get in the mail. But hey, lets not get picky here. I’m getting over $100 worth of product for only $21! That is a steal!


Subscribe to Boxy Charm today. You will not only get amazing makeup products but be able to get good deals on purchases and will be able to sample many different cosmetic lines that you haven’t heard of.  (P. S.) I am not affiliated with Boxy Charm and do not get anything from referring you to subscribe, except some points if you actually subscribe).

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