Monat Shampoo for Thinning Hair

Is you hair falling out? Do you have thinning hair? Let me introduce you to Monat Shampoo!

There are many reasons why our hair falls out thus becoming thin and fine. Did you have a baby recently? Are you aging? Or maybe you’re stressing out about something? Any hormonal imbalance or vitamin deficiency causes hair loss and thinning hair. So, what you need is a good shampoo. Let me brag a little about the Monat shampoo that helped my thinning hair!

Monat has come up with a system for thinning hair that focuses on restoring the natural regrowth of hair and preventing hair loss. Thinning Hair

Monat’s system for thinning hair is consistent of the Intense Repair Shampoo, Intense Repair Conditioner and the Intense Repair Treatment.

My personal experience with Monat shampoo and the thinning hair system:

I had ordered Monat’s Intense Repair Treatment system about 6 months ago and within the first 30 days I saw huge changes. But only  is as little as one was with the Monat shampoo, I saw volume, shine and softness.

Buying Monat shampoo and using it as therapy helped my hair.

First of all, my hair is not falling out as much as it has been. After severely damaging my hair with heat, chemical treatments and hair extensions, I had very thinning hair. Every shower I would be afraid to run my fingers through my hair. It was already thinning, and running my fingers through brought new hair that had fallen. My shower floor always made me really sad. I literally had to throw away a huge hair ball every time to clean my shower.

Second of all, I felt like my hair had more vitality to it and more strength. I also noticed new hair growth which was so exciting to discover! Even thought the new hairs stuck out like crazy, I was glad I saw them spring to life! I can’t wait to see more growth.

The intense repair  Monat shampoo and conditioner are what helped me with this problem.

Intense Repair Shampoo for thinning hair:

Thinning HairIf you have thinning hair like I did, the first thing you need to focus on is intense and deep cleansing of scalp. This shampoo is built to break down any product build up which may be the result of hair thinning. You also need to keep your hair and scalp protected from heat if you want new hair regrowth. This shampoo acts as a heat protectant. It also helps support the natural regrowth of your hair.

I had also noticed a huge difference in my bald spot, where I split my hair. The shampoo penetrated and nurtured my scalp helping boost my natural hair growth. I see new hairs starting to grow and see less balding. The Intense Repair Shampoo improves hair follicle strength, which in turn reduces hair thinning.

This shampoo acts as a treatment so when washing your hair with this shampoo, leave it in for 2-3 minutes and then wash it out.

Intense Repair Conditioner:

I had to write a whole separate blogpost just on this conditioner because of how impressed I was with it. It’s absolutely amazing. Read more about it here. This is the only conditioner I will be using from now on. It is a rich conditioner that stimulates the scalp and helps boost hair growth. It is Infused with Rejuveniqe oil and rich with Capixyl. It provides intense conditioning and protection for ultimate scalp health.

Intense Repair Treatment:

Thinning hairThe shampoo and conditioner alone are great if you need to really help your thinning hair. But this new Intense Repair Treatment is a treatment focused solely on stimulating natural regeneration of hair follicle. This helps you have new hair growth.

I have been using this treatment for three months now together with the IRT shampoo and conditioner and have noticed new hair growth. It definitely helped speed up new hair growth.

This is an intense daily leave-in treatment for thinning hair. It helps stimulate the scalp and boost the natural growth of thicker and fuller-looking hair. Most importantly it improves follicle strength. It contains a very intense blend of Red Clover Flower Extract. It also contains various essential vitamins and active nutrients that help counteract the formation of DHT and reduce scalp inflammation.

I use it daily right after my shower, before I blow dry the hair and style it. I actually go a head and use it twice a day, intensely massaging it into my scalp.

Save your thinning hair today with Monat shampoo and intense repair treatment system!

What do you got to loose, besides more hair? Give Monat a chance to save your hair! If you are in need of some serious treatment to prevent your hair from falling out, give this system a try! This is the best shampoo for thinning hair! Trust me! This is the best thing I have ever done for my hair. You can order it separately, but using all three products together will speed up and intensify the effect of treatment.

If you don’t know which one you should get for your specific problem, I hope my “Guide to Monat Shampoo” will help you. To order these products, visit my store.

Monat ingredients are all natural; our products are infused with rare oils that are beneficial to hair strength and growth and we do not use any harmful ingredients.

I am happy to send some free samples if you’d like to try the Monat shampoo. Please contact me if you have any questions.


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June 24, 2017 at 08:06 AM

My wife loves this stuff, no more hair loss or complaining about damaged burnt hair from all the heat and chemical damage she’s done to her hair.

Shawn Sumnerreply
September 20, 2017 at 04:09 PM

Hi, my name is Shawn and I am 45 years old…..I am a runner and stress my body to the max… recently, due to age and running, I have noticed that my hair has become very thin….plus it is falling out during my shampoos….I would love to receive some Monat Samples to try before I buy…..Thank you so much….

Dina Semikinareply
October 17, 2017 at 02:10 AM
– In reply to: Shawn Sumner

Hi Shawn, I apologize my back office was down for a while and I just saw your comment on my blog. I would be happy to send you samples. please email me direct to and give me your address. I would recommend the Monat Black shampoo and conditioner for you. I also recommend the Intense Repair treatment spray to help with hair growth. The Monat black shampoo will help you have left fall out.

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