Get Discounts on Hair Products with the Monat VIP Program

What is a Monat VIP?

I know we are all, always looking for ways to save money especially when it comes to beauty products. The Monat VIP program is a great money-saving opportunity designed for those of you who like to save money. With this program, you get lots of benefits and discounts.


If you become a VIP today, you will receive 15% off on all purchases, free shipping and free product samples with every order. You also would get a free “Only for You” product with every qualified flex shipping order. These items are exclusive VIP items only; they are not available for purchase to anyone else. Another perk is getting access to flash sales, special offers and promotions.

  • You also have the amazing opportunity to get FREE products for life!? Wanna know how? If you’re my VIP, and you refer 3 of your friends to become my VIP’s, you get $84 towards your next purchase, every month that your 3 referred friends are active, which means they are buying from me! That’s called the 3+Thank you! So basically, your next order of $84 is on us!


Read more about the program (here). Monat VIP

What is a flash sale?

A flash sale with the Monat VIP program is a first chance opportunity to buy a new product cheap. Only Monat Market Partners and VIP members get a chance to do so. The last flash sale was amazing. The new Eye Wonder Brow and Lash serum was introduced and was sold out in one day. It was great to have an opportunity to snatch it quickly and at such a discounted rate! Want to give your lashes a boost, buy here! Want a free one? Sign up as my VIP today, get one free from me, and if you buy one at a regular VIP price, you get another one free! (This promotion ends October 25th, 2017).

What is flex shipping?

Flex shipping is actually your friend. It use to be that you had to sign up to with “automatic shipping” where Monat would send desired products every 30 days. But now, you have the choice of choosing when you want it shipped. With this option, you can push the order out to as far as 60 days.

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What is a qualified flex shipment?

With each qualified flex shipment, you get a free “only for you” product. This flex order has to be $85/US and/or $110/CAN order to get a free product.


Is there a fee for becoming a VIP?

There is a small one-time membership fee of $19.99/US & $24.95/CAN.

Who benefits from Monat VIP?


Eye Wonder Serum

If you enjoy Monat products and if they are helping your hair, you will benefit from signing up for this program. Anyone who wishes to save money purchasing this “not so cheap” product will benefit. No one likes to pay for shipping. Have you ever paid more for shipping, than for the actual product? This is why there are programs such as Amazon Prime and etc; to help you save money because shipping can get expensive. And who doesn’t like getting discounts on beauty products?


Sign up for the  Monat VIP membership so you can enjoy free shipping, free products and a good discount on all Monat products. If you would like to start your own business and have been looking for a “work from home job”, Monat is a great opportunity to make money from home. Read more on how you can be an independent business owner.


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