90 Day Results with Monat Hair Care Products

Results you can expect with Monat Hair Care Products.

I wanted to share what results you can expect when using Monat Hair Care products for 30, 60 & 90 days. Although everyone’s’ hair is different, you should expect some and hopefully all of these results.

90 Day Results with Monat Hair Care Products:

What to expect the first month:

Monat Hair Care ProductsDuring the first 30 days, monat hair care products work to detoxify your hair. This is the time for your hair to assimilate the active ingredients in the product. What you can expect is better overall texture of your entire hair as the products begin to penetrate your scalp. The active ingredients work very powerfully at this point which in turn improves circulation, energizing the hair and scalp.

What I noticed within the first 30 days of use was how soft and natural my hair felt. I also saw improvement in the color and overall condition of my hair. My hair even tangled less. And my favorite, I saw baby hairs begin to spring to life.

If you experience a bit of oil production that is because the pH levels are being equalized as the product begins to break down product build up in your scalp.

What to expect within 6o days of using Monat hair care products.

Monat Hair Care ProductsWithin the 60 day period your hair and scalp are already healthier and have become less sensitive to outside influences. This is the “recovery” stage.

During this time, most people notice a huge increase in volume due to the fact that all that build up that was previously in your scalp and hair is now gone. You can also expect to have more control and better manageability of your hair. My favorite was noticing how hydrated my hair had become. Because your cuticles are now healthier and lay flatter, you’ll notice less frizziness and flyaways.

At this point you should have no flakiness whatsoever. You should not be experiencing any itching or stickiness from old build up because it’s all gone. Your hair should not be shedding as much and you’ll actually see new hair growth.



I loved noticing how much shinier my hair had become. I highly recommend using the (Rejuveniqe Oil). It extremely increases shine and health of hair. Read more about this wonderful oil here.

Within these 60 days I could say 100% that my hair looked 100 times healthier and more alive. But remember, everyone’s hair is different. It also depends on how severely damaged it was to begin with. So be patient and let Monat hair care products doctor your hair, even if it takes a bit longer than expected.

What to expect within 90 days of using Monat hair care products.

At this point your hair and scalp are returning to a more natural state as all the issues have been taken care of. You should see improved volume and manageability. You’ll notice improved body, reduced frizz and very-well hydrated ends. You should also expect you hair be smoother and shinier.

Monat Hair Care ProductsOver all quality of hair should be completely noticeable; hair is now easier to brush and comb and you should have thicker, more defined hair. What I noticed during this period of time was that my hair was growing quicker. I do not have to wash my hair as often as I use to before and my hair color is more vibrant and shinny.

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