Too Faced Mascara Review

“Better Than S..” Too Faced Mascara Review


Too Faced Mascara ReviewI had to finish two of the “Better than…” mascaras to write my first Too Faced Mascara Review. Was one just not enough to figure out if I liked it? Or is it because I couldn’t wait to purchase one more? I decided to go with Too Faced for my next mascara and I am now having a hard time switching to another. So yes, I bought a second one and thus, it is time for a review.


So let’s go ahead and jump into the “Too Faced Mascara Review…”


I bought my first “better than” mascara from Ipsy and got hooked. I think what sold me was the soft bristled brush. I loved how it applied the product on my lashes.

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About the Brand:


Too Faced has been one of my go-to brands for a while now. I like them because I feel like the brand is most affordable for me. I use a lot of drug store makeup, but needed something a little better but not overpriced.


I have tried mostly all of their makeup products; from primers to concealers, shadows, blushes and more. And I have not once had a reaction, or a complaint. I love it, I use and abuse it. Their formulas are light and cruelty free. I love how “feminine” all of their product are, including the packaging and presentation of each product.


As a brand they believe that makeup is a “mood booster”. I so agree with that! I know that makeup and wearing makeup always boosts and improves my mood! Head over to their site and get 20% off instantly. You also get two free samples with any purchase.


Too Faced Mascara Review-“Better Than…” Mascara


I have to say, I was not too crazy about the name of this particular mascara…But,

This mascara consists of a collagen fueled formula that makes the lashes fuller and longer instantly. I tried putting one coat and saw how elongated my lashes had become just by applying the first coat. I got crazy and applied a second coat and a third and it was mind blowing! My lashes also appeared more curled after applying a couple coats of mascara.


The ingredients do not contain parabens which is great!


The spoolie is shaped specifically to catch every single lash and because it is so soft, it is easy to apply and is easier to maneuver. It is large, which I learned works better with big eyes and longer lashes.


It contains a “film-forming polymer” which helps with being able to wear it all day with no smudging at all, even though it is not water proof. It also contains Acacia Senegal which is a Tree Extract that nourishes the lashes, thickens them and helps with the curling of the lash.


I absolutely love this mascara and how it made my eyes pop.


Mascara Melt-Off:


When I purchased my better than sex mascara, I also purchased the Too Faced Mascara Melt-Off Oil. This tube has a very small Too Faced Mascara Reviewplastic spoolie. It is an oil that dissolves the water proof mascara. It is so convenient and I can’t go without it.


I am able to get rid of every trace of mascara off my lashes even before I take a makeup wipe to my eyes. I do not have to rub or tug on my eye area at all. Its tiny and precise wand coats lashes from the base to the tip with the conditioning, oil-based formula. It gets rid of the most stubborn waterproof mascara. Its’ formula is infused with antioxidant-rich green tea extract which helps protect the lashes. It also contains rice lipids extract which conditions the lashes.


Who would I recommend this mascara to?


From this Too Faced Mascara review, you probably leaned that this mascara is great for bigger yes and long lashes. And yes, but not only. If you have short lashes and need length, this is the mascara to go with. It will give you volume and length. The formula is definitely on the thicker side so if you are only wanting color and length you might get a bit more volume than you’re looking for.


Too Faced Mascara Review Tip:


This mascara applies a lot of product at once, it will make your lashes bulky. (Some don’t like that). So, I take a different mascara/spoolie (that’s been dried up, that ran out of mascara) and I brush the lashes through to separate them. I do this with all my mascaras that tend to be thicker in formula. This separates the lashes and the mascara looks evenly distributed. You can then apply more if desired.


Buy yours today:


I hope you learned a bit from my Too Faced Mascara Review. You can purchase it here. Too Faced also carries the same waterproof mascara which I highly recommend if you are looking for a mascara that really stays on and will not smudge or budge.

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