Cocoa Anyone or Too Faced Cocoa Contour?

Chiseled to Perfection by Too Faced Cocoa Contour


Too Faced Cocoa ContourMy friend, makeup artist and youtuber gifted me this amazing Too Faced Cocoa Contour Palette about two years ago. It has been my #1 face contouring and highlighting kit. (By the way, want to see my first makeover? Go here!)


I wanted to write a review on it because of how quickly and why I became in love with it.

This was my very first contour kit with which I learned to contour and highlight for the first time with. So you can imagine,  I’m a bit biased here 🙂 . Nevetheless, as promised I will give my honest opinion on this too faced cocoa contour.


Lets jump right in to this Too Faced Cocoa Contour review.


About the Brand:




As I’ve mentioned before in my previous post on my favorite Too Faced mascara, I highly recommend and love all of Too Faced products. I find them very feminine and beautiful, useful and affordable. If you’re struggling to find a cosmetics line where formulas are light and gentle on the face, their powders are amazing! You should see the big hole in my light cocoa on the palette, as it was obviously my favorite!


The powder is so gentle, I not only use it to highlight areas I wanted, I also use it as a setting powder for my under eye concealer. Again, because it is so fine and gentle.


The Too Faced Cocoa Contour Palette Itself:


The Packaging:

The packaging reminded me of how I always wanted to decorate my little girls baby room: Pink, brown and gold. The presentation of the palette is beautiful; simple and elegant. It’s sturdy, which I like in makeup palettes. It included a mini Buki brush. And it has a real mirror inside, not a plastic-fake one, which is a pet peeve of mine when it comes to makeup.


Buki Brush:

Too Faced Cocoa ContourI don’t use the brush because it’s very small. Although it’s a good quality brush with nice, long and soft bristles, I like my brushes to have a long handle. That way I have more control. I love using my contouring brush. And I use this little Buki brush to fan off excess powders and for precise work.

The Palette:

The Too Faced cocoa contour palette looks like chocolate and it smells like chocolate! Yes, seriously! First time I opened it,  I got a woof of that delicious chocolaty aroma, I was taken back to Christmas mornings with cocoa and melting marshmallows! Did you know that chocolate is actually good for the skin?!?


The powders are infused with an antioxidant rich cocoa complex which is what makes the powders so smooth, silky and matte. It seriously makes the face feel like a babies bottom, especially the light cocoa powder.


Breakdown of the palette:


My friend gave me the “light to medium” shade which was perfect for me then when I was tanning (a lot) BUT it is still a perfect match now. Back then I just used more contour as I was really tan. But now that I don’t tan, it is still perfect for me now. I just get to use a bit less of the dark cocoa color (which is good because it’s lasting me a whole lot longer)!


TIP: (A tip in the middle of the review-how strange of me, but here it is!) What I’m trying to say is that I think it will work on all skin tones and colors. If you’re fare, just use more. If you’re already have a tan complexion, use a bit less. Does that make sense?


Finally, lets discuss the shades in this “light to medium”  Too Faced cocoa contour!


Light Cocoa:

Too Faced Cocoa Contour


I’ve already talked about this wonderful shade and powder. I use it and abuse it. It gives me a very matte, slightly highlighted tone. I say “slightly” because it’s not a porcelain color; it’s a a creamy-ivory, almost pinkish porcelain . It does not make my face have a “white spot”. It just barely lightens the area. But as I’ve mentioned before, it’s such a great product to use under the eye area and other very sensitive, delicate areas.


Medium Cocoa:

Too Faced Cocoa Contour


If you were to put this color next to a milk chocolate, it is a whole lot lighter than milk chocolate. It works so beautifully on my already olive complexion. I do however have to swatch it on a couple of times. I’m the kind of gal that starts with a little and works her way up! I don’t want to waste product this good and plus, less is always more. Because it is lighter than the dark cocoa, I use the medium cocoa to contour the nose and the chin, so the areas that don’t need to be too dramatic.


This is also the color to use when contouring the cheeks because with it you could always add more to build up the desired look. I’ve heard someone say that it makes the cheeks look cake-y. Um, no girl… you’re just doing it wrong! 🙂


TIP: (Here we go again..) So begin with a little… build it up….I actually love that it’s such a light color because when highlighting and contouring and applying blush, the three should all blend well together, with no harsh lines. Your bff should not be able to detect where the contour starts and where the highlight ends! You getting my drift? Say no to harsh lines!

*So use this amazing color for contouring the cheeks!


Dark Cocoa:

Too Faced Cocoa Contour


Okay. The color is absolutely gorgeous. This one’s the milk chocolate color for sure. But it is also very cocoa-ish. This is why I do not contour the cheeks with this one. You could but you’d have to be very light on the brush and work your way up like we talked about earlier. This deep brown is so beautiful on the forehead and under the chin area. Definitely the color to use if you want to hide that double chin or if you want to make some area smaller, add more depth, drama or elongate the face or forehead.


TIP: Girls, this is the color to contour the ladies. Yes, boobs can be contoured too.


Pop of Light:

Too Faced Cocoa Contour


The highlighter is very delicate, very glittery. One might say it’s not pigmented enough and too glittery. And yes I agree, it’s glittery but you still, most definitely, will need to use a ton of it to get a desired effect. But I didn’t frown upon that. I use a trick:


TIP: I spray my favorite highlighter brush with MAC Prep & Prime Fix+ Setting Spray, to get more product on the brush, and give it a more dramatic glow.


All the more, this highlighter is very useful in other areas. (Not everyone likes to look extremely glowy or we don’t always need that “pop” effect). I understand if you’re going to some party, yes, glow like there’s no tomorrow girl! But, for an everyday, OOTD look, this highlighter is pretty good!


Too Faced Cocoa ContourI use it for highlighting the brow area, the tip of the nose. (Because I have a long nose, I don’t want it to look like I have a gold star at the end of it, so this delicate shade is perfect). I also use it to tone down shadows that turn out too dark. And because it is glittery, it can also be used as a shadow.


I’m a sucker for delicate, gentle cosmetics.


Would I recommend the Too Faced Cocoa Contour?


Yes, most definitely! I bought my second palette just this morning here. I love it and highly recommend it. Its easy to use, everything’s included, even a pamphlet teaching you the many ways to contour. It is gentle, it is soft, it is matte, it is silky and smooth. And if you need a darker shade, Too Faced cocoa contour also comes in the shades “Medium to Deep”.


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