My personal “Sabbatical”.

I decided to go on a Sabbatical…


It was time to listen to the Lord and thus I came to this idea of going on a sabbatical from life.



My life had become so busy. I was distracted. Distracted from spending time with the Lord, hearing His voice and listening to what He wants to tell me.


Why a sabbatical though?


So often I think that me asking the Lord for guidance, direction, or coming to Him in prayer and just giving Him a list of my desires, or offloading all my feelings on Him is “me spending time with Him”.

But when do I actually just listen?


I decided it was time to just lay everything aside; my blog, my hobbies, my favorite shows, my time with friends and devote a few days to the Lord. Solely to Him. But this time I didn’t want to come to Him with questions or things that I wanted Him to do for me.

This time I just wanted to sit and listen…


I feel like it’s been a while since I’ve heard anything from Him. And that is NOT His fault. It is I who has been too focused on myself and on my life. So I decided to just listen this time. I didn’t know what He would tell me or if He would even come. But He did. And He spoken.

And I was overjoyed that I was able to receive what He has been wanting to tell me all along.

What I had to say no to during my sabbatical, to be un-distracted:



I had to say no to my blog. I had become so focused on it, that I had literally begun to neglect myself as well as Him. It seems like I only had time for the blog and my husband. I also had to say no to all social media. Now, this part was hard because as much as I don’t want to admit it, the first thing I do is check my phone when I open my eyes in the mornings. I have to make sure I read all my comments, see all my “likes” and answer all my emails as well as check the site stats. That is actually pretty disturbing. I felt like an addict. I had to say no to my daily favorite shows that I like to watch. Which was also very hard. And last I even decided to go without my favorite drink.


Why say no to all these things?

Well I felt like to hear the Lord during my sabbatical, I had to really die to myself. Otherwise I am not sacrificing anything. I wanted the Lord to see that I am taking this time very serious and that I am wholy devoted to Him. I know that that is how I should be everyday but with life being life, it’s hard to be wholly devoted to Christ alone, all day. We all have busy days.


Why I scheduled this sabbatical time?



I had to schedule my personal sabbatical because I knew otherwise I wouldn’t commit; I’d find things that’d get in the way.  I literally told my friends and my husband about it in advance so that they wouldn’t expect me to answer the phone and that my husband would respect my time with the Lord. Of course he was still taken care of and fed, but he knew that I needed this time so bad that I actually had to schedule it.


Why call it a sabbatical?


I know that some people may call this a “fast”. Because a sabbatical is what pastors or ministers “take” when they need to take time off their ministry and just be with their families or with the Lord. I chose to call it that, because it gives it more of a serious meaning. For myself and for my husband. If I will schedule one of these in the near future, I will come to it as if I am coming to the Lords table. This makes me feel like I have a very important meeting scheduled that I can’t miss and that everyone else in my life know I can’t miss.


My personal sabbatical with Jesus was a blessing.


Because our lives get very busy, I know it is sometimes the last thing we do-spend time with the Lord. I am not talking about 5 minute bible reading before bed time or a quick prayer here and there. I am talking about a dedicated, special time with just you and God. When your husband is away, and your children are not home, when the TV is off, and when there is absolutely nothing distracting you.

And that is hard to do because when are we really, actually, 100% alone and not so busy with life that we can spare some time for Jesus?

This is why I think it is necessary to schedule time ahead of time. You will benefit so much from it. You’ll be blessed through it. He will tell you things that you yourself can’t come up with; He will show you your heart and point the things He wants you to work on.

Did you know that the God of the Universe, the King of Kings actually longs to spend time with you? You are so special to Him, He loves you and He desires you! Read about that here.


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