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What are the essentials of good, proactive skin care?

Skin care


There are a million right ways to skin care and a million good products for skin care because everyone’s skin is different. But if you’re going to take care of your skin, lets talk about some essential steps to take.


The skin is what a person sees when they look at you. Its important to take care of it. I wanted to touch up on each essential step of skin care and it’s importance.


My experience with skin care:


Recently I was doing makeup on a women who’s skin was not very well taken care of. It was the hardest person that I’ve done makeup on because of her skin condition. When I talked to her about the importance of good skin care, she didn’t know half the things I listed. And that’s ok, some don’t know and so my wish today is to help women understand the basics of skin care.


Here’s my routine and what I believe skin care should be.

(Most of this will be concentrated on face.)


Cleansing: (The most important one!)


Do not skip this step. Do not go to bed with makeup on or without washing your face!


Our faces are faced with the environment all day long collecting bacteria, dirt and dead skin cells. Facial cleansers are made to remove dirt, oils and other nasty things like pollutants and viruses that stick to our skin throughout the day.


Skin CareCleansing the face helps with keeping the skin hydrated and clean. Clean skin produces the right amount of sebum (our natural skin oil) that acts as a protectant from bacteria entering pores. If we do not cleanse our face, the build up of sebum and dead skins remain on the skin. This creates ways for bacteria to enter pores and inflame the skin causing acne. Skin needs to breath. Also, our natural oils tend to build up and if not washes off, they create pimples and acne.


If makeup is left on over night, the pores get clogged causing collagen breakdown. So a good idea would be to use a night time cleanser to prevent dehydration of skin and a day time cleanser to prevent too much oil collection on the skin. I recommend The Elemis Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm (night time cleanser ) which removes left over makeup, dirt and also hydrates. It consists of anti-aging properties and oils to hydrate, firm the skin and soften it.

What I use:

My favorite day time cleanser is the Benefit Cosmetics flamingly clean facial wash. I wake up and I wash my face with this. It’s affordable and leaves my skin feeling clean & fresh and ready for the day.

Skin CareBut if you are on a budget and need something less expensive for a night cleanser,

(I have been using the Mary Kay Time Wise 3-in-1 Cleanser of over two years now. It contains little scrubbing beads that help exfoliate and deep clean, and it’s not pricy).


Toner: Very essential if you need extra cleansing.


Do you use a ton of makeup? Do you feel like your skin deserves or needs extra cleansing? Lets say you’re a swimmer and your skin is exposed to chlorine, Toner is exactly what you need.

Toners remove oils I’d say even better than a regular cleanser which helps shrink pores. It’s like a protecting layer from harmful contaminants that can enter skin pores. Toners are made to restore or normalize the pH balance that is often broken with soaps and cleansers. Some are actually moisturizing the face as well.

Toners are very inexpensive and I feel are very necessary. Think of toners as going your face the extra wash. I don’t believe in buying very cheap products when it comes to my face so I use this Lancome toner. But there are very many inexpensive ones you can find in any drug store.




I can’t stress this one enough! Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! Moisturizing is what helps your skin maintain it’s natural balance. Moisturizing can even out the little blemishes you have on your skin.


Our faces especially are areas where skin cells replace themselves most often. This leads to leaving our skin dry and if not moisturized, we are more prone to bacteria entering, causing inflammation and worse.


Moisturizing is beneficial even in reducing or preventing early onset of wrinkles.


I have tried putting makeup on someone who never moisturizes and it was a very hard thing to do. The makeup wouldn’t sit right, looked cake-y because the skin was so dry and inflamed.

What to use?


If you’re choosing a moisturizer, I would recommend buying one that contains hyaluronic acid and humectants. These two ingredients are essential to extreme moisturizing. I recommend moisturizing with coconut oil or something as simple as Nivea cream, which is a heavier cream but moisturizes very well and is very affordable.




Because microderm abrasion treatments or dermabrasion are not cheap, there are still ways you can exfoliate the skin at home. Think of exfoliating as giving your face a new look every time you do it.


Exfoliating is literally removing old cells. Without exfoliation skin looks dull, rough and dry. After exfoliation the skill looks and feels soft, smooth, clean, refreshed and new.

How often to exfoliate?


skin careIt is important to exfoliate at least once or twice a week. Buy a microderm abrasion that you can do at home to exfoliate. Do it about every 3 days or so. There’s not need to do it more often but I highly recommend at least 1-2 a week. Not breaking through all the dead skin build up will cause pores to clog resulting in skin breaking out.


I absolutely love my Dr. Brandt Microderm Abrasion. It is not cheap but only a pea size is needed every time so it’ll last a long while. It is gentle on the face, smells amazing and works very well.


Extra Skin Care Tips:


Face Massage:

When applying any cream or moisturizing, give your self a face massage by using circular motions. Use a skin soothing serum if desired or any face oil that you prefer. This helps with blood circulation.



Always drink enough water. It is essential to good, glowy skin. You can substitute coconut water which is also very good for skin as well as hydration in general.


The power of triple cleansing:

When cleansing, use your choice of makeup- removing cleanser, a product such as H20 Beauty Elements to wash away oil and grime, and a cold cream such as PONDS Cold Cream cleanser to remove left over dirt.

  • Did you know that changing your sheets every 3-4 days helps the skin “sleep clean”, helps the skin breath and helps stay free of germs stuff?
  • When using cover up, don’t necessarily do full face coverage. Skin should look like skin. Try to cover up only areas that need to be covered up.




Skin is what you live in and taking care of it is important. Keeping skin care a priority will minimize wrinkles and keep you looking younger, longer.


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