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Crown Cosmetics Makeup Brushes


So lately I’ve been switching to Crown Cosmetics makeup brushes from my high end brushes. The only reason is because sometimes you just can’t afford to pay $20 a brush.


I absolutely love my “other” more expensive brushes, but some of them have been kicking the bucket after many years of loyal service to me and my face. Also, because I paid a high price for them, I try to use them only when I am glamming up for a bid day, some event or just an important date or day. Thus, I am saving them as much as I can. (I am a junkie for saving money on beauty products).


So, it is always very helpful when I have some good makeup brushes under my hand that are less expensive, that can be used and abused 24/7, but still would absolutely perfectly do the job. So the brushes I want to talk to you about are the Crown Cosmetics brushes that come in sets of 12, 14, 15 and more.


How the Crown Makeup Brushes are working out:


I had purchased two different sets; One of which I use myself, the 12 piece set and one I had given away in my last giveaways, which was the 14 piece set.


Makeup BrushesI had also received two separate Crown brushes in my Ipsy and Boxycharm subscriptions and that led me to get a full set because I liked them so much. Besides the full set of 12 Brushes, I also have the SS023 Jumbo Kabuki Fan brush and the Deluxe Fan Brush.


I recently contacted the lady that won my last giveaway to ask her how she liked the brushes and whether they worked for her or not.


She said she was really happy with the way they worked on her particular skin because she is very sensitive. She had also said that these makeup brushes blended very well. Blending is the most important characteristic of any makeup brushes.


The 12 Piece CBP1 Crown Makeup Brushes Set:


So in this beautiful, pink-faux leather set there is a powder brush, a blush brush, an angle-concealer brush, shadow brush, the deluxe fan smudger brush, a lip brush, an angle liner brush, a pointed liner brush, and a lash and brow comb brush.

The case itself is a pink roll up case that is super convenient for travel. Each brush has its’ own unique place which keeps them from damaging.

Performance of these makeup brushes:

This particular brush set is a vegan. I honestly think that all of the brushes work just fine; they are soft, they apply pigment perfectly and blend without problems. I actually compared the Crown shadow brush to my Sigma E25 Blending Brush. I used one on the left eye lid and the other on the right eye lid. There was absolutely no difference in how they applied my very pigmented Naked Cosmetics Shadows.


I switched shadows and tried a less pigmented, very matte shadow from my Carli Bybel Palette. Again, no difference in how they each performed.

So from my little experiment I’ve concluded that I can get a whole set of Crown brushes for the price of one Sigma brush.


I also compared my favorite Sigma F-70 concealer brush to the Crown concealer brush. Although Sigma’s bristles are a bit firmer and not as soft, I actually had less streaks with the crown concealer brush. (Don’t get me wrong I love my Sigma makeup brushes!)


Looking to save money on makeup brushes?


I feel like this Crown CBP1 makeup brushes are ideal for someone who is not wanting to spend a ton of money on high-end brushes. It’s also ideal for those who are makeup beginners and are not comfortable with purchasing the more expensive makeup brushes and then not knowing how to use them. This set would be perfect for someone who uses makeup a lot-then you don’t have to use your really expensive brushes every day. This makes a great gift.


Get your Crown makeup brushes today!


If you wish to get more than the 12 I listed here, there’s also a 14-piece set, a 15-piece set and a 24-piece set. They are all within a reasonable price range. It’s really up to you which makeup brushes you need. I prefer buying a set other than buying them individually. This way you’re saving money. You can purchase yours here.

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