Our Struggle of Trusting God.

Trusting God is never easy.

Trusting God is literally the hardest thing to do. Especially in todays society. Isn’t it hard to just “let go and LET GOD!?”

I have seen God take my prayers and answer them beyond anything I have ever imagined. And I want to share that with you.

Releasing control and trusting God.

In my personal struggles in praying for my husbands addiction, for many years, I never gave God the control. I had to be in control and depended on my own strengths and abilities. Thinking I could make him into the man “I wanted him to be”, I fought as hard as I could instead of trusting God to fight this battle for me.

But trusting God begins with releasing control of the situation or circumstance and admitting that we are powerless without God.

I had this image in my head of a man whom I thought he would become after we married. And so I manipulated every situation so that it would be the way I wanted it. Not once asking the Lord to guide me in what I should do. I prayed. Trust me, I did. But it was always “Lord please change him”. I wanted things to be my way, and I wanted it now.

To this day, I believe my husbands addiction had lead me to be trusting God.

Slowly, God began to change him into the man GOD wanted him to be. When I finally surrendered and admitted that this addiction was a “God-size-problem”, God began moving in my husbands heart.

Trying to control and handle this “God-size-problem” had finally wore me out and exhausted me to the point that my cry for help had me sprawled on the floor with my face down, sobbing in a dark corner, slowly releasing all control of the situation to God.

Giving God the wheel:

God begins to work when we realize that we can not do His job, and when we surrender and give Him the “wheel”. My pastor once said “God can’t because we won’t”. That made all the sense to me! God can’t work if I won’t give Him the reigns. Where was there room for the Lord to begin working when I was hogging all the work myself?!

Then, He not only began working with my husband but also in my own heart, giving me strength, wisdom, patience and everything else I needed.

Trusting God keeps me in perfect peace!

I remember driving down the road somewhere, worrying and stressing out about my hubbies addiction and what it had caused in our marriage. I then remembered that God’s been teaching me trust through this situation. So I began to pray instead of worry. “Cast all your anxieties on to Him”. So I did that. I casted my fear, anger, anxiety and worry onto God in my prayer in the car. As I finished praying the Lord put a verse on my heart. He said ” I will keep you in perfect peace!”

I realized that at that moment I had two choices. I could continue to camp out in my despair and give the enemy a foothold into my heart and life or I could cast all my anxieties on Him because He promised that He cares for me. Because I chose to trust God at that moment, He responded to me and told me that He will keep me in perfect peace over this situation. Isn’t that amazing? He always comes through!

 Don’t stop praying and trusting God!

Are you battling an addiction today? Is your husband addicted to something that breaks your heart? Do you have a struggling marriage? I want to encourage you to get really serious about praying for the problem.  The Bible says, “We have not because we ask not!” (James 4:2) So keep praying! Keep asking! God wants to teach you to trust Him. And maybe that is exactly what He is doing in your situation? Surrender control. Ask the Lord what He wants you to do in this situation. Obey Him in His guidance.

*If you are battling your husbands addiction today, remember you are a team. Don’t fight against him, fight for him and with him. You are waging a war against the devil, not your husband. Fight on your knees with a surrendered heart!

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