5 Easy Steps to Get Volume in Hair.

How I achieve volume in hair that is fine and thinning.


For someone who has very fine hair, how to get volume in hair is a common struggle. No one wants dull looking hair. And it’s frustrating as heck to see your hair lacking oomph.


If you have fine, thinning hair like I do, then you also want to know how to get volume in hair.


Here are some easy tips on how you can achieve more volume in your hair.


Tip #1. Invest in a good volume treatment shampoo or system.

Cleansing the hair and roots well is very crucial when wanting to achieve more volume in hair. A good volume treatment shampoo will not only help with lifting roots but also cleanse well so that hair is not weighed down by product build up.


I use and recommend the Monat Volume Treatment System, which provides density, strength and manageability of hair. It’s affordable and you get three great products for just $99. The system consists of Revitalize Conditioner, Revive Shampoo and the Reshape Root Lifter.


This system literally gives visible results from just one wash! It’s something everyone should use even if you don’t have fine hair. My friend sent me a text saying that she was shocked how much volume she noticed just after one wash.


Tip #2: Don’t use too much leave in conditioner.


Wash hair conditioner off completely (if you don’t prefer to use a leave in product). If using a conditioner, don’t apply it to roots. Keep it on the hair towards the ends-that’s where the hair needs to be conditioned mostly anyways. Invest in a good hair conditioner that will actually boost new hair growth and strengthens hair follicles.


I use the Monat Revitalize Conditioner which is included in the above mentioned Volume System. And they also carry a Restore Leave-In-Conditioner. Both products are amazing and have contributed to restoring my hair back to good health.


  • With any leave in product or any hair styling product, less is more because if trying to get more volume in hair, you don’t want hair weighed down by product build up.



Tip #3: Blowdrying for more volume in hair.


This tip is my favorite as I get the most volume out of this trick. When blowdrying hair, do not brush it before you blow dry it. Yes it may be tangled but you can deal with that later. Blow dry as close to the roots as possible, while bending over with hair upside down. The heat with lift roots. When done drying, carefully brush the tops of hair and run fingers through the rest of it. Use a Blow Out Cream too, when blow drying for incredible volume. Want a blowout that lasts without weighing your hair down or giving you a greasy feel? Now you’ve got MONAT’s Blow Out Cream that will give you a silky, smooth feel while restoring softness and shine! Importantly, it contains Dermafeel Sensolv, a natural silicone alternative that is 100% natural in origin. Say bye-bye to product build-up. Blow Out Cream also reduces styling time and conceals the signs of damage.


Tip #4: Careful, Gentle Backcombing.


Try backcombing with a small comb. Take parts of hair, (not huge clumps but single strands like you would if you were to curl that strand). Back comb ONCE from middle of strand towards the root and spray hair spray on each tease. Go on to the next part/section of hair.


  • Change your part to create volume at the crown; you can also do this with any strand you just teased. Tease it the opposite direction of where it usually sits.
  • Avoid harsh backcombing or frequent backcombing. Avoid backcombing the same strand more than once; this will cause hair to break and fall.


Tip #5: Root Lifting Product


I have tried many different root lifters but nothing compared to the Volumizing & Texturizing Powder by Big Sexy Hair. This powder can be sprinkled on roots before backcombing. It instantly gives volume in hair.


I love how it self-activates and continues to give instant volume as I put my fingers in my hair close to the roots and massage the scalp a bit. This product is something I wear all day long when I need volume in hair.

Follow these 5 steps to great voluminous hair!

Hope these 5 tips on how to get volume in hair help you because they definitely help me. I had always struggled with fine and thinning hair, but doing these easy tricks helps me achieve volume that has people asking how I get volume in hair.

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