Monat Giveaway

In this Giveaway…

I am giving away the Lash & Brow Enhancement Serum by Monat when you sign up to become a VIP member.

*With the VIP membership

Enjoy discounted hair products, free shipping and a FREE ($25-$35 Value) product with every purchase! It doesn’t get better than that! Read more here and sing up! With VIP, there is a one time $19.99 fee, BUT thats for life. You enjoy free shipping and a great 15% discount plus a free product! You also get first access to all of our FLASH sales which are amazing! For instance, today and up until October 25th, 2017 you buy one Eye Lash Growth Serum you get another one FREE if you’re a VIP!

There is flex ship which means you place an order and it ships to you automatically and Monat automatically charge your card….. BUT, here’s the sweet deal folks!!! You only have to purchase 3 times in a whole year! Which is great, right? No pressure and our products last you at least 3 months anyways! The way it works, is you’d push out your VIP flex ship order 30 days, or even 60 days and then another 30 or 60 days. So it’s up to you how frequently you want the product shipped to you.

  • You also have the amazing opportunity to get FREE products for life!? Wanna know how? If you’re my VIP, and you refer 3 of your friends to become my VIP’s, you get $84 towards your next purchase, every month that your 3 referred friends are active, which means they are buying from me! That’s called the 3+Thank you!

*If you are looking for a Work from Home business,

Monat GiveawayRead here to see how you can work from the comfort of your own home, earn an income and have great hair! It’s like getting paid for washing your hair! Become a Market Partner with me and I will give you all the “need-to-know” to become a successful home business owner! You’ll be a part of my team and I will walk you through every step.

This business is booming and you can be booming with it too!

*Want to have longer lashes and thicker brows in no time? Let this Wonder Lash & Brow Serum help you achieve just that without the lash extensions or the hassle of falsies! And in this giveaways, get it FREE!

To claim your FREE lash serum, sign up as my VIP here and email me at claiming your prize!


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