Monat Compensation Plan-Why you need to work for Monat.

 Monat Compensation Plan-Most Amazing Compensation Plan You’ll Ever Hear About.


I strongly believe that you will not find a more rewarding compensation plan than the Monat Compensation Plan. With Monat, you will get paid weekly and you can earn an unlimited amount of bonuses paid out middle of each month. These humongous bonuses are not hard to achieve of course if you’re willing to work!

Below is link to Monat compensation plan that you can view, download and really look at to see how well Monat takes care of their Market Partners! Be prepared to be amazed!


Monat Compensation Plan_US_052017


Here’s a quick Spiel on the wonderful hair product, Monat.


Monat launched their hair products line in October 1st, of 2014. Monat products are set apart from all the high-end salon professional products. Throughout the two years I have been enjoying and benefitting from using Monat products, I have not yet seen a better product with these types of results.


I am Monat’s number 1 fan because I firsthand experienced salvation of my hay-like, dry, damaged and limp hair. You can read my personal hair testimony here. I have also witnessed others who benefited just as much from giving Monat a chance to save their hair.


Here are some facts about this product line:


Monat is a natural botanical hair product line with oils collected from all over the world that mimic our bodies natural hair oils; these oils are essentials for the maintaining healthy and youthful hair. Monat products are highly concentrated which means they are only 20% water where as other shampoos contain 40-60% water. Monat products are intended to last you longer. All of Monat products are clinically tested AND are clinical proven to give great results. So any time you want to see clinical studies of Monat results before purchasing the product, they could be sent to you (P.S. that is by the way something you should always request before starting a product that claims to give great results).


Monat products are engineered to restore the damage the atmosphere, weather, chemicals and/or heat has done to hair.


Monat products do not contain harmful chemicals that other products use that later enters into your blood stream.


Below is a list of the harsh chemicals Monat refuses to use.

Monat products


This is what makes me a proud Monat Partner! Because of my own personal experience with Monat products, because of how much it’s helped me, and because of the ingredients used, I cannot keep the products to myself. My goal is to help as many people as I can to have the same great hair as I do now.

Ways to Earn $$ with the Monat Compensation Plan!


So here is what you need to know about the Monat Compensation Plan,  (if you are outside of the US or Canada, you have the opportunity to join the profit sharing pool within the first year of the company launching in your country. Read below for more information!)


***(Currently Monat is only available in the US and Canada, but launching in 7 more countries in the next three years! Read on!)


  • Regular personal Retail Sales-commission (30-35%) Keep in mind the high end prices of our products.


  • Sign up VIP members- customers that buy from you every 30 to 60 days, you earn 15% commission. This gives you some stability in your income. Grow the number of your VIP’s= grow your monthly income with Monat. (I’m to a point where I have enough VIP’s that bring in a stable MONTHLY income of $2,000 or so, so I have a choice, keep building and getting more VIP’s or, enjoying this comfortable, stable income as is and not growing it further).


  • Advancement Bonuses-rank to a higher title with a growing commission rate by signing up Market Partners to join your team. If this market partner purchases a product pack you receive an advancement bonus of 150$ to 500$+depending on what package they chose. It also depends on how many MP’s you sign up, and if they remain active you rank every month (the rank does reset every month), with them remaining active it will help you quickly rank up again the next month to maintain that higher commission rate.


The ranking begins at Market Partner, goes next to Associate Market Partner, then to Lead Market Partner, Managing Market Partner, Associate Market Builder, and so on until Founder and Senior Executive Director.


With each rank you receive a special bonus that grows higher with every or every other rank, and your commission rate grows and more commissions are added on by uni-levels. This is where you can refer to the comp plan to see the bonuses we are talking about here.


  • Uni-level Bonuses-when your first level market partners sign up other market partner to their team this adds you a level two, three and so on uni-level bonuses– commissions you make based on your MP’s sales and activity, building an unlimited down-line of more commission for you. Yes it’s a pyramid. Yes a lot of people are skeptical about them. But the ones that earn a great income, such as myself, we are not skeptical. We are excited.


  • Builder Bonuses-this bonus amount is dependent on matching activity for 2 consecutive months. First is the Silver Bonus called the 3+1. If you enroll 3 VIP customers and 1 Market Partner with a Product pack for two consecutive months you earn a bonus of 150$, if you double this you earn 300$ bonus on top of all your other commissions, and so on.



  • Smart Start-As soon as you join, your first three months are the most important because you can achieve higher bonuses than the ones your comp plan already includes! Its easy-building blocks!


  • Earn a $60 USD / $75 CDN VIP Bonus for every 4 VIP customers you enroll.
  • Earn a $100 – $220 USD/$120 – $275 CDN Product Pack Bonus* for each person you sponsor with a Product Pack.
  • Earn a $150 USD / $190 CDN Block Bonus when you enroll a “block” of 4 VIPs
  • and1 Market Partner with a Product Pack.
  • Earn a $500 USD / $600 CDN Triple Block Bonus when you complete 3 “blocks”.
  • Completing three blocks means that you’ve built a MONATborhood!
  • Earn a $75 USD / $90 CDN Upline Bonus when your personally sponsor Market Partners who complete “blocks” of their own.
  • When you promote to Managing Market Partner (MMP) any time within three months of enrollment, you’ll earn a $100 USD / $150 CDN Rank Advancement Bonus.*


What you got to lose? Join Monat. You have much to gain!!

Simply, why I do it?


Monat CompensationI can brag about this opportunity with Monat for EVER!. You can turn Monat into your life long career and not have to worry about working 9-5 every again, even help retire your spouse. Or you can build it up to a comfortable monthly income and not work any more. It’s up to you!


What do you have to lose?!! If you’re not willing to invest some time, some effort and/or a starting fee then maybe you are not willing to be your own boss? Join now!


Don’t let that be what stops you, because if it wasn’t for my sister, I wouldn’t have joined this opportunity. Monat will take you places, it will change your life. It’s a work from home business so you can work where ever and when ever you want and for how ever long you want to. You are your own boss, no one is pushing you and telling you what to do. You build your business which ever way you like.


I am truly blessed with the income that Monat compensation plan brings me. And I don’t have to feel guilty about it because the products I promote, I actually believe in, and use firsthand, and I am proud to tell people about how it changed my hair. So join me.  I will be there every step of the way to help you begin and build your business.


***Monat has BIG plans; with in the next 3 years, we plan on going world wide in 7 more countries! There is so much potential to grow this business even outside the US and Canada! Hop on board with me as part of my team, and I will help you and teach you what I know!


Profit Sharing Pool


It is unfortunate profit sharing is no longer available to qualify for in the US and Canada, but if you are outside of these countries, may I get your full attention here!


***As soon as Monat launches in your country, you have a year to rank up to Market Mentor/Founder to join the Founders Club Pool where you will get profit sharing every quarter.


I heard a rumor that India will be the next country to launch Monat.


This is the huge opportunity you can’t miss out on, and should put all your effort into reaching. Believe it or not, it is not that hard to achieve this. All you need is to have 4 active lines–active market partners two of which have to be ranked as Managing Market Builders, and have $7,000 group volume in sales from your first level of market partners combined with yours, and a total of 30,000$ in sales with your whole down-line market partners, including your level 1 market partners level 2  and 3.


(I know this sounds crazy and impossible to achieve, but within my first month with Monat, I was able to achieve $11,000 in personal sales, and even more with Group Value. So when you combine your groups volume and all of your down-line it is completely possible to achieve!


***When Monat first launched in 2014, their goal for sales was 1 million, but they achieved 25 million!! This is an amazing, successful company that you want to be a part of. And it’s still very new compared to all the other Multi-Milion Dollar companies such as Mary Kay and etc. So if you sign up now, you are still at the very top of the so called  “pyramid”.


Sign up (here).

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