Why I Work for Monat

Wondering if you should work for Monat?

I want to share my experience and why I work for Monat as well as why I think it’s an amazing opportunity for those of you who are looking for an extra income. Maybe for some reason you can’t work a 9-5 job and are looking for a great stay at home business? Or, maybe you’re working full time and yet pursuing a second job just to make ends meet? Could you benefit from an extra $500 a month? Or how about $700? Or $2,300? Here’s your chance to switch things up a bit.


Work for Monat because of:

First of all, the Compensation plan is NUTS! It’s insane! It’s literally crazyyy-generous! That’s what got me hooked and that’s what keeps me going! But let’s get into that a bit later.


I work for Monat because I believe in the product.

I’ve tested it; it works. I’ve tried it, it’s helped my hair tremendously. It’s anti-aging, natural, its safe. One distinguishing feature of Monat products is the 30-day money back guarantee. And with a less than 1% turn rate, that says a lot about the efficacy of the product. The ingredients are clinically proven to increase hair growth, replace hair loss, and protect hair from environmental damage.


Promoting hair products makes a great business because they are consumable, meaning people are going to use this product and want more of it on a continual basis because it’s already an item that is a part of every households’ monthly purchases.


It is very EASY to work for Monat:


I have tried several retail businesses and most of them require that you have a monthly PV or BV; which means you have to continually buy their product every month to stay active with the business. When you work for Monat, you don’t pay anything, just once for the sign up fee and product pack which you chose.


Signing up is easy; you get your own store or website where your customers can shop from so you’ll never have to touch the product yourself or deal with shipping. The back office is loaded with training materials and resources for you and for your customers and business partners. You don’t have to pay for your back office or to keep the website store active like many other companies require.


It’s easy because shampoo and hair products are a hygiene item. It will always be in demand, so it will always sell. You wont ever run out of people to offer it to; one-because everyone has hair and two-because most everyone is always looking to improve their hair health.


You don’t have to stress about how to sell it; word of the mouth is good enough! I mean, you’d tell your friends where you got your nails done if they asked? Right? You’d refer your friend to a great recipe website after they pay you a compliment on your cooking? So is with Monat, you’d tell your friends and family where to get amazing hair products and how they can improve the health of their hair.


Ok now let’s talk COMPENSATION!


work for MonatWhen you first enroll to work for Monat, you’re in the SMART START phase which is your friend because this is where you have the month you’ve enrolled in plus two more months to earn BIG. This is your three-month period loaded with bonuses for signing people up and getting VIP customers as well as retail customers.


A Huge chunk of the income you make when you work for Monat, is from Bonuses so you are not just making money off every sale or every person that signs up.


Here’s a little (visual) to help you better understand the Monat Compensation Plan.


When you work for Monat, you get CRAZY Bonuses!


$$ Here’s a simple breakdown of the Bonuses of SMART START phase $$

Enroll 4 VIP’s + 1 Market Partner = Receive $150 Bonus, PLUS $60 for every 4 VIPS’s, PLUS a bonus off the Market Partners’ product pack which varies with what Pack they purchase= $100, $120 or $150.

work for monat

**So, for EXAMPLE $150+$60+100=$310 for signing up 4 VIP’s and 1MP plus you’re getting commissions off what they purchased.


Block Party Bonuses:

Bonuses change all the time. For example for the Month of August, 2017, the Smart Start Bonus was $200 for 4 VIPs’ + 1 Market Partner.

Other Perks:

Monat CompensationWhen you work for Monat, there are special monthly perks such as free products. For example, for the Month of July, 2017, every Market Partner you enroll, you get a free Hydration System worth $99.

Consistency Program

The Consistency Program happens in the first 4 months of your enrollment with Monat. When you “consistently” achieve 200PV (or $200 worth in sales either from MP’s, VIP’s or retail customers-which is so easy to do because our products are not cheap!) within the first 2 months, you receive a free Revive Shampoo, worth $35. When you get 200 PV the 3rd month, you receive a free Replenish Mask, worth $50, and the 4th month, you will get Rejuveniqe, worth $99. All of these products are truly amazing!

Work for Monat


If you’re really on fire and can get 12 VIP’s to sign up plus 3 MP’s during your smart start period, (within 3 moths) the bonus is as high as $500 and there is no limit to how many times you can achieve that bonus. It all depends on how much or how little you decide to work. You can achieve that two, or three times within the smart start period-and keep getting the $500 bonuses. It’s up to YOU!


work for monatQuick Sidebar on VIP’s:

Every VIP customer you sign up is required to choose items for auto-ship, (items that will automatically ship to them) so you’re getting 15% commissions off every item they buy PLUS every month the same commissions off their authorship orders.

**So, for example, if my VIP has $300 worth of authorship every month, I am receiving $45 every month. But that’s not all, depending on how much I’ve already sold, the % commissions goes from 15%-25% so I’d be getting from $45-$75 a month just from that ONE VIP. It ads up when you have more than one VIP J

TIP: VIP’s save big on product discounts, get free shipping plus free products with every purchase, so I usually pitch the VIP program to everyone. (Especially if this customer owns a salon or is a hair dresser). It’s a win-win for everyone.

Quick Sidebar on Retail Customers:

Anyone who buys from your store without being a VIP, you get 30%-40% commissions off every sale. Let’s say a customer bought a Monat system which consists of three items or so, value of $99, you receive $29-$40. Not too shabby, ay? And what is a salon owner was to buy $400 worth of product?


Here’s what you do to work for Monat:

Go to my store, and click the “Join Now” button up top. Signing up is easy and so worth it. You can read more info on why I began working with Monat or you can read more about the products and the company itself on my blog at

I want to help you work for Monat.


Please contact me with any questions and I’d be happy to answer them for you. Also, if you do become a Market Partner of mine, I will be there for you every step of the way! I will teach you to run this business regardless of where you live; I will send you resources and guide you in being successful in this business.

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