How to Take Care of Bleached Hair

7 Easy Steps to Take

When Caring for Bleached Hair.

Bleached hair requires an investment. What do  I mean, you say?

Well Bleached hair requires a lot of attention. So, you will end up spending a little money if you actually take care of it the right way. You will also find yourself spending a little bit more time on your hair than before.

You see, bleached hair leaves cuticle layers open which makes hair more prone to issues, because you’re actually weakening its’ immune system.

Now, my point here is to not make you reconsider your decision in going bleach blonde. What I do mean though is that bleached hair brings with it great responsibility.


High Maintenance of Bleached Hair.

Here are some steps to take in caring for bleached hair. These steps will help you keep that new beautiful, lighter color in a healthy condition. And, I promise you, if you follow these steps, you’ll have better looking, healthier hair!


Step 1- in Taking Care of Bleached Hair: Wash it less! YES! Less is more in this situation!

Since your hair is now bleached and is weaker and more susceptible to breaking, fall out and being dehydrated, this step is very important especially within the first few weeks. I personally don’t wash my hair frequently (even though I do not have bleached hair). Washing too frequently strips away our natural oils which are essential for hydration and growth.  I recommend washing every 3-4 days. Since  bleached hair needs extra hydrating, I highly recommend a very good hydrating shampoo such as the Renew Shampoo by Monat.

**Another tip I like to throw out there is if you need to minimize washing hair but your hair looks like it needs to be washed within a day or so,  buy a dry shampoo. Monat offers an amazing dry shampoo called THE CHAMP Conditioning Dry Shampoo.


Step 2- Is as important as step one!-Use Conditioner a LOT!

Conditioners are built to strengthen and hydrate hair. The bleach chemicals you used to get your look most likely left your strands dry. I’ve seen bleached hair begin to look and feel like hay because it lacked moisture and was fried. To prevent this from happening, try a Smoothing Deep Conditioner. At  this point your bleached hair is in need of nourishment, hydration and this conditioner will do just that plus restore softness and increase shine and manageability.

If that is not enough and you feel as though your hair can use a bit more hydration, try a leave-in conditioner which will help maintain strong, healthy, hydrated hair after you wash. It is called the Restore Leave-in Conditioner.


Step 3-Use a Mask as frequently as twice a week!

At least two times a week, soak your hair in the most moisturizing mask you could ever find! Let it sit in your hair for 10-20 minutes! Shave your legs if you have to while you wait for the mask to master its’ duty.  I use and recommend the Monat Replenish Masque.


Step 4-Be Gentle when Drying.

Do you use a blow dryer? If so, use a heat protectant. If at all possible, avoid blow drying. Since the bleach already dried the hair a bunch, less heat is more hydration. You don’t want to keep stripping you hair of hydration. So, use a microfiber towel instead. When towel-drying, don’t rough up the hair like a mad woman. Gently let the microfiber towel soak up the excess water. Roughing up hair creates breakage, fall out and fizziness.

Step 5-Be very careful with Hot Irons.

Avoid at all cost straight ironing or curling your freshly bleached hair. You’d be putting your already excessively dehydrated and dry hair under more damaging heat. This is why I don’t even recommend using a blow dryer. If you do have to, apply a heat protectant that is free of silicone. Try the Blow Out Cream which contains a silicone-free heat protectant called “Dermofeel-Sensolv”, which is a  silicone alternative that is 100% natural in origin.


Step 6-Don’t just cut off your ends, take care of them to prevent cutting!

Split ends are common in bleached hair due to the dryness and lack of moisture. Instead of cutting the ends off, try  REJUVABEADS, a new product by Monat that literally, selectively targets and heals split ends. This product is beyond what I’ve ever seen and experienced and it makes my hair look polished.

There are studies where testing showed  100% repair of split ends under within one minute. Isn’t that insane? This product is the only product on the market of it’s kind. It’s mind blowing.


Step 7-Always use Oil Therapy.

When we wash our hair, we strip the natural oils that are very essential to healthy hair growth. Monat has created a mixture of Oils that mimic our bodies’ natural oils, Rejuveniqe. Dry your hair after you wash, take  two pumps of REJUVENIQE Oil Intensive in your palms, rub them together and then run your palms through your bleached  hair. Or better yet, add to a spray bottle and spray onto dry hair.

Treat your bleached hair with high importance and it will feel and look healthy and beautiful!

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