Free Monat Product for VIP’s for the Month of January

Wondering how to get Free Monat Product?

You can get a free Monat product worth up to $25-$35 every month when you become a VIP.

Monat VIP?

What is a Monat VIP and what are the benefits? If you are interested in trying out free Monat product, becoming a VIP is the best way to get your hands on new products that are discounted and available only for you! When you sign up as a VIP, you save 15% on all purchases, get free shipping on orders of $84 or more AND get a free Monat product with every order. Theres even a way to get free Monat product for ever! Read more on that by clicking the link below.

(Read more to learn more in depth about all the benefits of becoming a Monat VIP).



What’s the catch you ask?

Well thats the thing, there is no catch. Not exactly. You don’t need to purchase every month. You only commit to purchasing 3 times a year; what this means is that you have the power of FLEX Ship-meaning it’s not “auto-ship” where we automatically draft your card every month. FLEX Ship gives you the flexibility to push your order out 30, 60 days and then if you’re still not ready then you can push it out another 30 or 60 days.


What else is as good as getting a free Monat Product?

As VIP, you will get first access to all of our promotions and Flash Sales. Flash sales are quick and are usually highly discounted products and opportunity to get free Monat product. They go fast thus you get first access to them.


Is there a fee?

Yes, there is a one time fee of $19.99 (for life) to become a VIP BUT, you’re getting free shipping, free product and 15% off every purchase!


January’s Only for You Free Monat Product

Every month the products you receive are different. Last month every VIP received not one but TWO free products. This months’ free Monat product is an exclusive free gift that is in addition to your order as a thank you for being on Flexship. The product has a value of $25 USD/$35 CAD. It is called the Air Dry Cream.

The Air Dry Cream is a natural way to dry your hair without having to use the Hair Dryer. It is a light, airy cream that provides amazing texture and frizz-free results. It also gives a weightless hold.


How to use this free monat product called the Air Dry Cream.

Apply a small amount evenly to damp hair. Allow hair to dry naturally. Scrunch, twist or braid hair to give wave and curl to your hair as it dries. January’s Only for You free Monat product is especially amazing if you have naturally curly hair! AND if you are a new VIP, you will also get a Wet Brush from January 1-January 10th.


How do you get your hands on this month’s free Monat product?

Sign up as my VIP today, pick your fist order (make sure it’s $69 US/$90 CAN) and it will automatically ship to you as our thank you for becoming a VIP! Remember, you get a free monat product overtime you purchase as a VIP with a qualifying order.


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