Monat Flash Sale

What Monat Flash Sale do we have this weekend?

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January Monat Flash Sale starts TODAY!

I don’t think I  need to say a lot myself, this flash sale is incredible and pretty self explanatory! Hurry in to get it before it Ends: January 22 at 11:59 PM EST, Starts: January 19 at 8 AM EST.

This Monat Flash Sale is available to VIP’s and MP’s ONLY!! These Monat Flash Sales are why you should become my VIP! 

Take Advantage of this weekends Monat Flash Sale Here

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If you’re already my Market Partner you can read FAQ’s above and if you are already my VIP, read the FAQ’s below.

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Monat Flash Sale

Directions How To get this weekends Monat Flash Sale:

If you are a Market Partner or VIP, go to SHOP, Promotions and add the add the deal to cart, Choose between the Best Sellers or Must Haves for only 120$ and add in the bonus only for you products as a gift for only 12$ Shipping is free!!! If you are a market partner pay only 84$ for the Best Sellers!!! What a DEAL! I Have been out of Rejuveniqe and mask almost for a month now and already seeing a difference without them!  Those two are a must haves for soft, hydrated, and strong hair!!!

Monat Flash Sale

Email me if you have any problems ! Will be checking my email all weekend long till the sale ends!!!

Happy Monat Flash Sale!

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